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Free calls over the Internet using Skype The whole world can talk for free. Download Skype for free and take a look at some of the cool premium services.

New! XML Programming Resource Center

XML is one of the most popular Internet and Web development tools in use today. Our XML Resource Center focuses on the vast amount of free XML content available online, plus some for-sale items. Start your search here for tools, downloads, tutorials, podcasts, wikis, documentation, conferences, FAQs, books, e-books, sample chapters, articles, newsgroups, forums, downloads from CNET's, jobs and contract opportunities, and more that will help you develop XML applications. Keep track of XML blogs from Microsoft’s XML team and others for the latest news and developments or sign up for RSS feeds to be notified promptly of each new development. Download free open-source projects. Check out the best job sites and set up alerts so that you are notified when new jobs are posted.
      Download the XML IDEs, editors, database and data legacy tools and more. Download XML parsers from Apache, Oracle, Sun and others. Learn about XML schemas and download XML schema validators. Check out the schema/DTD repository and the DTDFactory from which DTDs can be created, edited and saved to disk. Learn about the DOM (Document Object Model) and DOM extensions for Java, PHP, Ruby and more. Learn about SAX (Simple API for XML), XPath (the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Path Language Recommendation), XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation), XSL FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects), XLink, XPointer, XInclude and XBase, XHTML, XForms and XMLHttpRequest object.
      Check out the XML content management systems. Learn about Steam XML™—a development environment and runtime engine that greatly simplifies the design and rapid prototyping of XML and Web services. Learn about the Water language—a pure Web services language that embodies the three primary functions needed for XML Web services software within one unified environment.
      Learn how to extract your iTunes library in XML format, then use the XML data in other applications. Build a family history Web service and Web service client. Use Google Web Services to add the Google search engine to your .NET applications. Check out popular APIs and Web services including the Google Desktop Search API, the Google Web APIs, Amazon Web services, Ebay's APIs and more. Check out 37 Signals' project management tool, BackPack, and learn how to use the BackPack API to build applications in XML.
       Try "The Understanding XML Game"—a tutorial game that demonstrates some of the key concepts in XML. Learn about  AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and AJAX applications including Google Maps, Yahoo's Flickr and many more. Check out our AJAX Resource Center, which includes AJAX articles, blogs, podcasts and IDEs.
       Discover various XML vocabularies including MathML (Mathematical Markup Language), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), WML (Wireless Markup Language), XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language), XUL (Extensible User Interface Language), PDML (Product Data Markup Language), VoiceXML™, SMIL™ (Synchronous Multimedia Integration Language), RIXML (Research Information Exchange Markup Language), and ComicsML—a markup language for comics!
       Subscribe to XML newsgroups and join discussion forums to become a part of the conversation with other developers and ask the experts for help. Subscribe to RSS feeds to get the latest XML news, articles and XML code posted in a code library. Learn how to build a simple RSS feed reader with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. Learn how to extend RSS user control to work with multiple RSS feeds.
       Create and submit your own XML podcasts on Apple iTunes. Subscribe to a series of AJAX podcasts. Learn about XML functionality in Microsoft Office and more.

New! Google AdSense Resource Center

Google has had phenomenal success with Adsense—its contextual advertising program for Web publishers.  Millions of people have discovered that they can make money on their Web sites by developing valuable content on subjects of interest to large communities. This attracts the Google search engine and brings you visitors. You authorize Google to place AdSense ads on your pages, some of your visitors click those ads, and Google pays you per click. Lots of for-sale Adsense tools and publications are available, but many people have been successful using only free tools and sources of information. Our Google Adsense Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free Adsense content available online, as well as some for-sale items.
      Start your search here for AdSense eBooks, tutorials, tools, podcasts, and videos that will help you monetize your Web sites and blogs effectively. Explore tools (some free and some for sale) like WordTracker, the Overture Search Suggestion tool and tools from Google that help you find the best high-paying keywords, and analyze your competitors' sites.
      View a slide presentation from Google that describes the AdSense program, how it works, terms such as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), how to become an AdSense publisher, who the advertisers are and where they come from, how ads are selected to appear according to the subject material on a Web page, how to monetize your Web site, how the Google filters can be applied, and how to customize the ads that appear on your pages.
       Use tools that display typical Google AdSense ads that would be generated for certain keywords, and tools that report Adsense statistics for your site. Use a free tool that helps you determine which phrases are used most often with the Wordtracker and Overture tools. Use channels to monitor your AdSense activity.
      Learn where to place your ads, what fonts to use, and what ad formats and colors work best. Find great sources for free content and learn how to use RSS feeds to freshen your content. Should you use text ads, image ads or both? Join Google's referral program and earn money when your visitors download the Firefox browser with the Google Toolbar, or enroll in the AdSense program (and meet certain revenue requirements).
       Be sure to read Google's AdSense Overview and Program Policies, and remember to play by the rules. Check out the Google AdSense group—post questions and have other members send you replies.
      Get great AdSense help from Google. Categories include "AdSense Basics" for information on signing up, getting started, program policies, contacting AdSense and Google AdSense Guides; "My Account" covers information on adding more Websites, login issues, updating account information, cancellation and privacy and security issues; "Products and Features" provides information on AdSense for content, onsite advertiser sign-up, AdSense for search, referrals and AdSense for feeds; "Adding AdSense to My site" covers ad implementation, search box implementation and troubleshooting; "Working with My Ads" covers ad formats, how ads are targeted, filtering ads, the preview tool and improving performance; "Reports and Earnings" gets you information on earnings, reporting basics, channels, AdSense for search reporting, custom and emailable reports and troubleshooting reports; "Payments" covers payment options, personal identification numbers (PINs), payment schedule and tax information.
      Check out Darren Rowse's series of articles on using AdSense to earn money on your blogs, Joel Comm's "Dr. AdSense" podcast and Eric Giguere's podcast based on his AdSense book. Understand the importance of carefully reading the Google End User License Agreement. Read AdSense case studies.

Coming In the Next Issue! Web Services and Affiliate Programs Resource Centers

New! Two XML Tutorials from the Deitel Free Content Library!

XML Basics

Structuring Data in XML

Visit our Free Content Library to view all tutorials and articles.

Check Out Our AJAX Resource Center

The term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was coined by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path, Inc. in February 2005 to describe a range of technologies for developing high-performance, Web-based applications. AJAX applications include Google Maps, Yahoo's Flickr and many more. Our AJAX Resource Center provides extensive AJAX resources including articles, blogs, podcasts, IDEs and more.

Check Out Our RSS Resource Center

Do you get your news online from a variety of sources? Do you like to follow certain bloggers? Are you interested in following all of the news and blog entries about your company and its brands? Now you can get all of the information you want—and only the information you want—delivered to one place, using one interface, with RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
      RSS, an XML format for syndicating Web content, allows you to describe news, blog entries, etc. You use desktop or Web-based RSS readers and aggregators to receive and read the feeds as they are published.
      In our RSS Resource Center, we highlight the numerous RSS aggregators available, tools and services (for publishing your feeds, etc.), tutorials for creating your own RSS feeds, popular books on RSS and more.

Did You Miss Last Week's Newsletter? Check Out Our New C Programming and Alert Services Resource Centers!

Check It Out! Complete List of Deitel Resource Centers 

Here's our complete list of Resource Centers. Let us know what other Resource Centers you'd like to see—we're adding more than 100 Resource Centers in 2006!

AJAX | Alert Services | ASP.NET | Attention Economy | C | C++ | C#
Computer Games
| Game Programming | Google Adsense | Google Analytics
Google Base | Google Video | Internet Business Initiative | Java | Mash-Ups | .NET
Ning | Perl | PHP | Podcasting | Python | RSS | Ruby | Skype | Sudoku | Visual Basic
Web 2.0
| Windows Vista | XML

Looking for Programming Training for Your Company?
Check Out Deitel Dive Into® Series Corporate Training

Corporations and government organizations hire Deitel & Associates, Inc. for expert training delivered to groups at customer sites worldwide. Our courses include Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Internet & Web technologies, OOAD, XML, Database, Ruby, UNIX, Perl, Python, Visual C++ and many more! View our complete list of course offerings or contact us to inquire about Deitel Dive Into® Series Corporate Training.

Deitel Free Content Library: Tutorials and Articles

C++ Tutorials

Ruby Articles and Tutorials

Visual C# 2005 Tutorials

Visual Basic 2005 Tutorials

Java 5.0 Tutorials


PHP Tutorials

Python Tutorials

Internet & Web Tutorials

XML Tutorials

Coming in April! Visual Basic 2005 How to Program, 3/e for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005!

Visual Basic 2005 How to Program, 3/e features early classes and objects, a new, optional OOD/UML ATM case study and a fully updated treatment of XML, ADO.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0 and Web services.

Visual Basic 2005 How to Program, 3/eISBN: 0131869000
© 2006, pages: 1500

Tentative Publication Date: April 2006

Pre-order your copy now from

Instructors Request an evaluation copy from your Prentice Hall rep.

NEW! Visual Basic Resource Center

"One of the greatest strengths of the Deitel approach is their clear, relevant use of examples."
—Harlan Brewer, University of Cincinnati

"Once again, the Deitels have put together a great textbook. The material is easy to read and more importantly the optional ATM case study is realistic, understandable, and detailed enough to get at the heart of working with VB 2005. This book presents fundamental software engineering concepts such as modeling before you code and testing your software thoroughly in an accessible manner for anyone learning how to develop in Visual Basic .NET."
—Scott W. Ambler, co-author of The Enterprise Unified Process and Refactoring Databases

"An excellent way to teach CS1 or the CIS equivalent with an approachable visual programming language." —Brian Larson Modesto Junior College

Table of Contents (As of 01/28/2006)

Chapters 15. Multithreading
1. Introduction to Computers, the Internet and Visual Basic 16. Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions
2. Introduction to the Visual Basic 2005 Express IDE 17. Graphics and Multimedia
3. Introduction to Visual Basic Programming 18. Files and Streams
4. Introduction to Early Classes and Objects
19. XML
5. Control Statements Part 1 20. Database, SQL and ADO.NET
6. Control Statements Part 2 21. ASP.NET, Web Forms and Web Controls
7. Methods: A Deeper Look 22. Web Services
8. Arrays 23. Networking: Stream-Based Sockets and Datagrams
9. Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look 24. Data Structures
10. Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance 25. Generics
11. Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism 26. Collections
12. Exception Handling Appendices
13. Graphical User Interface Concepts: Part 1 Precedence, Number Systems, Debugger, ASCII, Unicode®, XHTML, ATM Case Study code, UML
14. Graphical User Interface Concepts: Part 2

"This book provides an in depth look at Visual Basic, including the latest technologies that Microsoft has included with the 2005 product. An essential tool to getting up and running with Visual Basic quickly." —John Mueller, DataCon Services

"The explanation of UML, intelligently integrated into the book, conveys the heart and soul of true object oriented architecture and engineering." —Jeff Jones, RouteMatch Software, Inc.

"This book has one of the best chapters on the basics of XML." —Kunal Cheda, Computer Enterprises Inc.

"The clearest and most concise introduction to database I've ever seen in a Visual Basic textbook!" —James Huddleston, Independent Consultant

"This is a concise and understandable introduction to the concept of relational databases and ADO.NET. New features for building RAD data applications in VS2005 are well demonstrated in detail with simple examples." —John Chen, Microsoft

"ASP.NET is one of the topics that the readers will be most excited about and I must say that you have developed excellent content to meet those expectations. The examples and case studies are well thought out and keep the reader involved." —Amit Kalani, TechContent Corporation

See a complete list of pre-publication testimonials and reviewer comments by chapter

Now Available ! Visual C# 2005 How to Program, 2/e (College Textbook)

C# For Programmers, 2/eISBN: 0131525239
© 2006, pages: 1591

Read pre-publication testimonials...

Order your copy now from or InformIT

Instructors Request an evaluation copy from your Prentice Hall rep.


Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Download the Code Examples

NEW! C# Resource Center

Check out tutorials from this publication:

Introduction to C# Web Services

Introduction to ASP.NET with C#

Now Available ! C# for Programmers, 2/e (Deitel Developer Series for Professionals)

C# For Programmers, 2/e

ISBN: 0131345915
© 2006, pages: 1360

Read pre-publication testimonials...

Order your copy now from
or InformIT

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Download the Code Examples

NEW! C# Resource Center


Check out free tutorials from this publication

Introduction to C# Generics

C# and Microsoft Agent

C# Advanced Two-Dimensional Graphics Capabilities

Written for programmers with a background in C++, Java or other high-level languages, this book applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching programming, and explores Microsoft's C# language and the new .NET 2.0 in depth. The book is updated for Visual Studio 2005 and C# 2.0 and presents C# concepts in the context of fully tested programs, complete with syntax shading, detailed code walkthroughs, and program outputs. The book features 213 complete C# applications with almost 17,000 lines of proven C# program code and hundreds of programming tips that help you build robust applications. Read the Preface.

[Important note: This book is intended for the professional market and does not include much of the introductory pedagogy, exercises or end-of-chapter material typically found in our How to Program Series college textbooks. No instructor resources are available. If you are teaching an upcoming C# college or professional training course, check out our Visual C# 2005 How to Program, 2/e and Simply C#, 1/e textbooks (each with full ancillary support).

What's New at Deitel Labs

At Deitel Labs, we're developing new Web 2.0 Internet businesses and new services for our existing businesses. Most of the businesses we're creating are offering free services—we are monetizing these businesses with Google AdSense, other affiliate relationships, and the many partnering relationships we are putting in place.

Web 2.0 ventures in the works at Deitel Labs:

Deitel Honors Internship Program

Summer Internship and Co-Op Opportunities in the Boston Area

Spend your summer learning the latest technologies while gaining hands-on development experience! Deitel & Associates, Inc. is the world's top programming-language textbook authoring organization, and we are launching many new Web 2.0 Internet business ventures.

Work with leading-edge technologies including:

AJAX ASP.NET Blogging Software Dreamweaver Java
JavaScript Perl PHP Python RSS
Ruby Visual Basic 2005 Visual C# 2005 Web Application Development
Web Design XML and more    

Candidates will work on our upcoming Prentice-Hall textbooks and professional books and/or our new Web 2.0 Internet business ventures.

Please email your cover letter and resume to
Abbey Deitel, President
Phone: (978) 823-0130

For more information about Deitel & Associates, Inc., visit

Deitel & Associates, Inc. is located in Maynard, Massachusetts, approximately 24 miles west of Boston. Co-ops must have a car as we are not easily accessible via public transportation.

For Corporate Training Directors

Corporations, government organizations and the military hire Deitel & Associates, Inc. for expert training delivered at customer sites worldwide. Contact us to inquire about Deitel Dive Into® Series Corporate Training.

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and Design Training
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For Instructors

"As always, I am impressed with the Deitel organization of books. I love teaching from them not only because the content is so sound, but also because of the competent and timely expertise and support provided." —Robert A. Long, Professor, Indiana University

Check out our How to Program Series, Simply Series, Deitel Developer Series and Operating Systems textbooks and professional books.

Our Prentice Hall textbooks and professional books cover a broad range of topics, including:

Resource Centers

AJAX | Alert Services | ASP.NET | Attention Economy | C | C++ | C# | Computer Games | Game Programming
Google Adsense | Google Analytics | Google Base | Google Video | Java | Internet Business Initiative | Mash-Ups | .NET
Ning | Perl | PHP | Podcasting | Python | RSS | Ruby | Skype | Sudoku | Visual Basic | Web 2.0 | Windows Vista | XML

Additional Information for Instructors

Downloads for all books

Errata lists

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Instructor ancillaries (available only to instructors who adopt our books for their classes).

Contact us if you have questions about any of our publications or ancillaries.

Test Drive the Java and C++ Cyber Classrooms Online

[For students who purchase the corresponding new books.] Walk through the new features, get comfortable with the functionality! Online Cyber Classrooms are available for our books Java How to Program, 6/e, Small Java How to Program, 6/e, C++ How to Program, 5/e and Small C++ How to Program, 5/e.

For Students

"I have used your text books over the last 5 years, and in my opinion, as a student, a developer and an educator, your books are by far the best on the market—please keep up the good work for all of us." —James M.G. Williams, Senior Lecturer, Web Designer/Developer and e-learning developer, Swansea Institute of Higher Education: Faculty of Applied Design and Engineering, School of Applied Computing.

Check It Out! Online Cyber Classrooms (interactive text and audio e-books) for students who purchase a new copy of Java How to Program, 6/e, Small Java How to Program, 6/e, C++ How to Program, 5/e and Small C++ How to Program, 5/e. Each new book includes a card with an access code to the corresponding multimedia Cyber Classroom. Each Cyber Classroom contains:

  • The text, illustrations and program listings of the covered chapters from the corresponding book.
  • Hours of detailed, audio—Paul Deitel explains the code examples.
  • Self-assessment material including practice exams and exercises from the textbook.
  • Solutions to many of the textbook exercises from the covered chapters.
  • Lab manual with lab exercises and pre- and post-lab activities (solutions available to instructors).

Cyber Classroom Demos! Now you can test drive the Cyber Classroom online. Walk through the new features, including audio, get comfortable with the functionality, then buy the book, if you like.

Resource Centers

AJAX | Alert Services | ASP.NET | Attention Economy | C | C++ | C# | Computer Games | Game Programming
Google Adsense | Google Analytics | Google Base | Google Video | Java | Internet Business Initiative | Mash-Ups | .NET
Ning | Perl | PHP | Podcasting | Python | RSS | Ruby | Skype | Sudoku | Visual Basic | Web 2.0 | Windows Vista | XML

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Downloads for our books

Errata lists

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Taking a course that uses a different book? Interested in using one of ours as a reference? Order them from Amazon or InformIT:

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For Visual C# 2003 Courses:

For Internet and Web Programming Courses: For Operating Systems Courses:
Other Books

For Professionals

"I can't say enough how much I enjoy the Deitel books on programming. I have found the books to be the clearest, most direct, concise lessons and examples of any other author/publisher on the same subject matter. I have learned more from my Deitel collection than any other single source." —Robert Moore, Independent Software Developer

Resource Centers

AJAX | Alert Services | ASP.NET | Attention Economy | C | C++ | C# | Computer Games | Game Programming
Google Adsense | Google Analytics | Google Base | Google Video | Java | Internet Business Initiative | Mash-Ups | .NET
Ning | Perl | PHP | Podcasting | Python | RSS | Ruby | Skype | Sudoku | Visual Basic | Web 2.0 | Windows Vista | XML

Deitel Free Content Library: Tutorials and Articles

Visit the Deitel Free Content Library for free tutorials and articles on Java, C#, C++, Internet and Web technologies, Ruby, AJAX, book reviews, Visual Basic and more!

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Recent Deitel Publications

Java How to Program, 6/e

Java How to Program, 6/e

ISBN: 0131483986
Pages: 1576

Order your copy now from
or InformIT

Demo the free Cyber Classroom

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Check This Out! Java Resource Center

"Probably the most complete coverage of learning through examples in published material today. This material is such high quality—it's unbelievable. The [optional] ATM OOD/UML case study is super!" —Anne Horton, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Read more testimonials...

C++ How to Program, 5/e

C++ How to Program, 5/e

ISBN: 0131857576
Pages: 1536

Order your copy now from
or InformIT

Demo the free Cyber Classroom

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Check This Out! C++ Resource Center

"This book is one of the best of its kind. It is an excellent "objects first" coverage of C++ that remains accessible to beginners. The example-driven presentation is enriched by the optional OOD/UML ATM case study that contextualizes the material in an ongoing software engineering project." —Gavin Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute

Read more testimonials...

Small How to Program Series

Small How to Program Series textbooks bring the solid and proven pedagogy of our How to Program Series texts to new, smaller texts that are focused on CS1 courses. The Small How to Program Series Java and C++ texts include the FREE online Cyber Classroom.

Small Java How to Program, 6/e

Small Java How to Program, 6/eISBN: 0131486608
Pages: 624

Order your copy now from
Amazon or InformIT

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Check This Out! Java Resource Center

"This new Chapter 3 introduces OOP without burying the reader in complexity. I think the level of conceptual
detail is perfect. This will be a great help the next time I teach 101. ... I was introduced to JHTP by my
students who pleaded with me to drop our current assigned text in favor of JHTP. No other text comes close
to its quality of organization and presentation. Its Live-Code approach to presenting exemplary code makes a
big difference in the learning outcome."
—Walt Bunch, Chapman University

Read more testimonials...

Small C++ How to Program, 5/e

Small C++ How to Program, 5/eISBN: 0131857584

Pages: 848

Order your copy now from
or InformIT

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Check This Out! C++ Resource Center

"I am continually impressed with the Deitels' ability to clearly explain concepts and ideas, which allows the student to gain a well-rounded understanding of the language and software development." —Karen Arlien, Bismarck State College

Read more testimonials...

Computer Science Theory and Practice

Operating Systems, 3/e

Operating Sytems, 3/eISBN: 0131828274
Pages: 1300

Order your copy now from
 or InformIT

Read the Table of Contents

Read the Preface
Check This Out! Windows Vista Resource Center

Operating Systems, 3/e, Testimonials

"This book is excellent; a superb mix of theory and application; spot-on accuracy, relevancy and application of case studies to the theory of OS design." —Robert Love, MontaVista Software, Inc.

"Deitel understands the Linux kernel very well and is very good at explaining it. Even though I have been a heavy Linux user and SysAdmin for eight years and have hacked both Linux and Unix kernels, I learned a lot." —Bob Toxen Author of Real World Linux Security, 2/e and Contributor to Berkeley Unix

Simply Series (for the classroom, self-study and distance learning programs)

Simply C++, 1/eThis Deitel Simply Series combines the our signature live-code approach (emphasizing complete, working programs, rather than code snippets, and always showing sample outputs) with an application-driven methodology, in which readers build real-world applications that incorporate programming fundamentals. Using a step-by-step tutorial approach, readers learn programming basics. Each successive tutorial builds on previous concepts and introduces new programming features. Many Simply Series books also include higher-end topics such as database programming, multimedia and graphics, and Web applications development. These books are appropriate for the classroom, for self-study and for distance learning programs.



Books Available in the Simply Series:

Simply C++

ISBN: 0-13-142660-5

Order from

Table of Contents


Simply C#

ISBN: 0-13-142641-9

Order from


Table of Contents

Simply Java

ISBN: 0-13-142648-6

Order from


Table of Contents


Simply Visual Basic .NET 2003, 1/e

ISBN: 0-13-142640-0

Order from


Table of Contents


Coming in Summer 2006! Simply Visual Basic 2005, 2/e

Check out for updates on this publication.


Simply Series Testimonials:

"This is a really innovative approach to the presentation of basic programming concepts. The tutorials are subdivided into small, easily understood pieces as a concept program is developed." —Ed Brunjes, Miramar College

"This text is ideal for self-learning. It not only teaches all the important fundamentals, but also demonstrates right from the first tutorial how easy it is to rapidly build all kinds of useful applications. Anyone can become an effective programmer simply by working through this text." —Jim Huddleston, Independent Consultant

"What especially impressed me about the text is the absolutely wonderful sets of exercises that the authors have included to motivate students to learn programming. I'm really looking forward to using this text in the classroom." —Ed Weihrauch, Community College of Allegheny County

Coming Soon in the Deitel Buzz Online

Forthcoming issues of the Deitel Buzz Online will announce new Deitel Resource Centers, including: Flash, MySQL, Open Source, Firefox, Emerging Telephony, Programming Exercises and Projects, Social Networking, Blogging, Internet Explorer 7 and many more!

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