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Dive Into™ Java™ 5.0 for Non-Java Programmers Public Seminar
taught by Paul J. Deitel

Date: October 18-22, 2004

Instructor: Paul Deitel, co-author of Java How to Program, 6/e—the best selling Java textbook in the world.

Class Times: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Thursday; 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Friday

Location: Deitel & Associates, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
12 Clock Tower Place, Suite 200
Maynard, MA 01754 (Click here for directions.)

Course Materials: Every attendee receives a copy of our Deitel-Prentice Hall textbook, Java How to Program, 6/e.

Java How to Program
Sixth Edition

© 2005
ISBN: 0131483986
Retail Price: $87.00

Product Info

Paul J. Deitel, CEO, Deitel & Associates, Inc., is a graduate of MIT and co-author of the world’s top-selling Java textbook, Java How to Program, 6/e. He has delivered hundreds of Java, C/C++ and Internet and Web programming courses for major corporations, academic institutions, government organizations and military clients including Sun Microsystems, NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, Art Technologies, Arthur Andersen, BEA Systems, Cap Gemini, Fidelity, Lucent, IBM, TJX Companies, Rogue Wave Software, Stratus, Cambridge Technology Partners, Hitachi, the National Severe Storms Laboratory, VISA International, Thompson Technologies, White Sands Missile Range, Compaq and many others. He has lectured on C++ and Java for the Boston Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. He is the co-author of numerous programming books and multimedia packages with Dr. Harvey M. Deitel.


Deitel & Associates, Inc.—a World Leader in Programming Education—specializes in Java, .NET, C/C++, object technology, and Internet and World Wide Web training delivered at corporations and government organizations worldwide. We have taught programming languages to over one million students and professionals worldwide through our best-selling textbooks, multimedia packages, university teaching and professional seminars. For a list of Deitel corporate-training clients, visit

Register Now!

Price: $1800 per student


  • Save $300! Bring your own laptop for the course with J2SE 5.0 preinstalled.

  • Additional $300 off per student for companies sending two or more students.

Contact: To register for this course, please e-mail us or call Abbey Deitel or Christi Kelsey at (978)-823-0130.

Payment in full by check, company purchase order or credit card is due one week prior to the course. Seating is limited, so register early! Late registrations are accepted if space permits. Please call (978) 823-0130 to confirm if space is available.

Cancellation Policy
No refunds will be issued for cancellations received on or after October 11, 2004. Full refunds will be issued for cancellations received before October 11, 2004.

Hotel Accommodations

Clarion Carriage House Inn
738 Boston Post Rd. Sudbury, MA 01776
Phone: (978) 443-2223
Approximately 7.5 miles (20 minutes) from Deitel

Best Western Concord
740 Elm Street, Concord, Massachusetts 01742
Phone: (978)-369-6100
Approximately 5.5 miles (15 minutes) from Deitel

Holiday Inn
265 Lakeside Ave., Marlborough, MA 0175
Phone: (508)-481-3000
Approximately 15 miles (25 minutes) from Deitel

Radisson Inn
75 Felton Street, Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: 508-480-0015
Approximately 15 miles (25 minutes) from Deitel

Embassy Suites
123 Boston Post Rd., Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: 508-485-5900
Approximately 15 miles (25 minutes) from Deitel

Course Information

This course is based on our just-published textbook Java How to Program, Sixth Edition which is up-to-date with Sun Microsystems’s Java™ 2 Standard Edition version 5.0 (also known as 1.5.0) and its newest features.

In this course, we present object-oriented programming with the Java programming language. Key topics include the new JDK 5.0, applications, control statements, primitive types, strings, operators, input/output, methods, arrays, classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, packages, exception handling, event-driven programming, graphical user interface (GUI) components, streams, files, basic multithreading and networking. Students create Java applications, understand Java object-oriented programming, and participate in laboratory assignments.

In this course, you will learn: [Note: Java 5.0-specific features appear in bold.]

  • Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE™) 5.0
  • The Java Development Kit (JDK) 5.0
  • How the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) facilitates writing portable applications in Java
  • To execute applications and applets
  • Key portions of the Java Applications Programming Interface (Java API)
  • Object-oriented programming concepts including objects, classes, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, abstract methods and interfaces
  • To use the Scanner class for keyboard input
  • To use the System.out.printf method and the Formatter class to output formatted text
  • To use the String.format method for creating strings containing formatted text
  • Arithmetic, increment, decrement, assignment, relational, equality and logical operators
  • Java’s control statements (if, if...else, switch, while, do...while, for and enhanced for)
  • The primitive types and type-wrapper classes
  • Methods and method overloading
  • To create and use Java arrays
  • To create methods with variable-length argument lists
  • How memory is reclaimed with automatic garbage collection
  • To create sets of constants with enum classes
  • To use automatic boxing and unboxing to convert between primitive types and type-wrapper objects
  • To use static methods, static fields (class variables) and static import statements
  • To create packages for software reuse
  • To create event-driven Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
  • To use various Swing GUI components including JButton, JLabel, JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JComboBox, JTextField, JList, JPanel, JFrame and JTextArea and to arrange these GUI components with layout managers
  • To make your programs more robust by processing execution-time errors with exception handling
  • To use Java 5.0 generics to create classes and methods that can be written once, but used with many different types
  • To use the generics-enhanced versions of the data structures in Java’s Collections API
  • To use file- and network-based I/O streams
  • To use Java 5.0 new Concurrency API to create multithreaded applications

Additional Deitel Dive Into™ Corporate Training Courses

Bring Deitel® Dive Into™ Series Training On-Site to Your Organization!

Our competitive pricing and outstanding quality have earned us the trust and confidence of major worldwide organizations. We offer on-site seminars on many programming-related topics and can customize our courses to meet your needs.

The following prices are for 5-day courses presented on-site at your company. These prices assume that you have a lecture room (with whiteboards), computers with appropriate software for completing the lab exercises, and a video projector that can be attached to a notebook computer.

On-Site Seminar Pricing

  • Introductory and intermediate courses:
    $12,995 lecture fee (for up to 20 students)
  • Advanced courses:
    $13,995 lecture fee (for up to 20 students)
  • Plus books/materials
    ($40-$75 per student, depending on the course)
  • Plus instructor travel reimbursement
    (We work hard to hold travel costs down.)
Dive Into™ Series Training Courses

For pricing and course outlines, visit our Deitel corporate training Web site, e-mail us or call  (978) 823-0130.

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Did you know that Deitel has numerous ancillaries to support each textbook? The next issue of the DEITEL® Buzz Online will detail the different ancillaries available for instructors and students for each of our publications.  We will also discuss the new PearsonChoices initiative, which allows faculty and students to choose from a variety of formats and prices for hundreds of Pearson textbooks, including three new publications from Deitel—Java How to Program, Sixth Edition, Small Java How to Program, Sixth Edition and Simply C++.

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