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Operating Systems, Third Edition

Just Published!

The first edition of Deitel's Operating Systems rapidly became the world's best-selling operating systems text. The up-to-the minute new edition of this classic is superbly researched and cited, comprehensive, informative, challenging and entertaining.

For more detailed information about Operating Systems, 3/e, book features, ordering information, instructor ancillaries, sample chapters and more, please visit our home page, or\books\os3e\index.html.


Available Now!

Operating Systems, 3/e introduces four types of informative and engaging feature boxes:

  • Biographical Notes on Edsger Dijkstra, Linus Torvalds, David Cutler and 14 others

  • Mini Case Studies on 17 operating systems of current and historic interest

  • Operating Systems Thinking features on key concepts, including performance, caching, heuristics, ethical systems design, lazy allocation and 29 others

  • 10 delightful Anecdotes, each with a "Lesson to the operating systems designer."

Case studies are the hallmark of Operating Systems, 3/e. Major OS Case Studies: Linux 2.6 (94 pp.) and Windows XP (106 pp.); Mini Case Studies: CTSS, Multics, UNIX Systems, Atlas, MS-DOS, Super-computers, OpenBSD, User-Mode Linux (UML), OS/2, Symbian, Mach, VM, Macintosh, BSD/UNIX, IBM Mainframe OSs, Real-Time OSs and Distributed OSs.

"Uses a unique teaching style to present, in an unparalleled pedagogical approach, the evolution of fifty years of operating systems research; no other book provides as accessible and comprehensive a tutorial."

Euripides Montagne
University of Central Florida

Operating Systems, 3/E

ISBN: 0131828274
pages: 1300

Table of Contents




Sample Chapters:

Chapter 20: Linux Case Study (94 pp.)

Instructor's resources and ancillaries including PowerPoint slides, Test-Item File, Solution's Manual and other support Web sites with up-to-date information on the book ( and

For more information, please visit our Web site,

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"Deitel understands the Linux kernel very well and is very good at explaining it. Even though I have been a heavy Linux user and SysAdmin for eight years and have hacked both Linux and Unix kernels, I learned a lot."

Bob Toxen
Author of Real World Linux Security, 2/e and Contributor to Berkeley Unix

Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, Third Edition

 Just Published!

Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 3/e introduces students with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-based applications. A comprehensive book that teaches the fundamentals needed to program on the Internet, this text provides in-depth coverage of

  • Introductory programming principles
  • Various markup languages (XHTML™, Dynamic HTML and XML)
  • Several scripting languages (JavaScript™, JScript .NET, ColdFusion®, Flash ActionScript, Perl, Python, PHP and VBScript)
  • Web servers (IIS and Apache) and relational databases (MySQL)

All the skills and tools needed to create dynamic Web-based applications. The text also contains a comprehensive introduction to ASP.NET and XML. [Note: For readers using previous versions of ASP prior to ASP.NET, the CD accompanying the book contains material on this topic.]

New in this edition are chapters on

  • Macromedia ColdFusion®
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver® MX
  • Enhanced treatment of Flash™ (updated for Flash™ MX), including a case study on building a video game in Flash

After mastering the material in this book, students will be well prepared to build real-world, industrial-strength, Web-based applications.



Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 3/E

Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 3/E

ISBN: 0131450913
pages: 1400

Table of Contents


Sample Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers and the Internet

Chapter 2: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Chapter 3: Photoshop Elements

Instructor's resources, include:

PowerPoint slides, Test-Item File, Solution's Manual, Companion Web site questions and other support Web sites with up-to-date information on the book ( and

Order the book online .

Professors and Instructors: Contact your Prentice Hall representative to request an examination copy. Locate your Prentice Hall representative.

Reviewer comments:

"I've never enjoyed a computer textbook more  than this one. Exceptional examples elegantly coded and explained. It's an extraordinarily interesting and instructive book."

Jim Huddleston
Independent Consultant

"A straight-forward, easy to follow book with plenty of complete examples and good explanations. The extra material is a bonus for advanced students!"

Deb Shapiro
Cittone Institute

Simply C# An Application Driven Tutotorial Approach

Now Available!

This textbook is up-to-date with Microsoft's latest release of Visual Studio—Visual Studio .NET 2003, which includes an updated version of Visual C# .NET (or just C#). All applications and solutions have been fully tested using the 2003 software.

Features of Simply C# include:

  • Screen captures and line numbers that match Visual Studio .NET 2003

  • Book includes Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 Standard Edition software, which you can use to run all the applications provided in the text [Note: This shrink-wrapped product is available for academic markets only.]

  • Instructor's resources: PowerPoint slides, Test-Item File and support Web sites with up-to-date information on the book ( and

Sample Tutorials

Tutorial 7: Wage Calculator Application: Introducing Algorithms, Pseudocode and Program Control
Tutorial 17: Flag Quiz Application: Introducing One-Dimensional Arrays and ComboBoxes
Tutorial 27: Phone Book Application: Introducing Multimedia Using Microsoft Agent
Tutorial 29: Bookstore Application Client Tier: Introducing Web Controls

Simply C#

Simply C#

ISBN: 0131426419
pages: 900

Table of Contents

Order the book online from .

Professors and Instructors: Contact your Prentice Hall representative to request an examination copy. Locate your Prentice Hall representative.

Reviewer comments:

"I've already decided to adopt!...Showing the student what an application will do, then building it, engages the student and provides superior motivation. A great teaching vehicle in the Deitel tradition!"

Peter Van de Goes
Rose State Community College
Business & IT Division

To read more about the Simply Series, its features and pedagogy, please visit\books\vbnetSIMPLY1_2003\AboutSimplySeriesPage_01.pdf.

Coming in 2004!

Simply C++

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Deitel Publications

Deitel offers over 25 titles on Java, C/C++, Visual Basic .NET, C#, Visual C++ .NET, Internet & Web programming, XML, e-Business & e-Commerce, Wireless Internet, Perl, Python and more.

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Java in the Lab: Part 2

Deitel Lab Manuals are designed to accompany their corresponding How to Program textbooks. We are pleased to announce the Java in the Lab, Lab Manual to Accompany Java How to Program, 5/e, Part 2. This is an excellent learning tool for upper-level Java courses and for corporate training programs. This lab manual includes labs for chapters 11, 14, 16 and 18-22. (Lab Manual ISBN: 0131457888) [Note: A lab manual is also available for chapters 1-10, 13, 15 & 17. Click here for more information.]

Contact us for additional information on the lab manuals or request information from your local Prentice Hall representative.

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Deitel Corporate Training

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Additional Corporate Training Course Topics

We are happy to customize any of our courses free of charge to best fit your training needs.

For pricing and course outlines, visit our Deitel corporate training Web site, e-mail us or call Christi Kelsey--our Director of Corporate Training Programs--at (978) 823-0130.

Crossword Puzzle of the Issue: Operating Systems

Welcome to the latest feature in our Deitel Buzz Online newsletter--a crossword puzzle! Each issue will contain a new puzzle using terminology pulled from one of our publications. Solutions will be posted at and in our next issue. This issue's crossword puzzle focuses on our latest publication, Operating Systems, 3/e. Good luck!

Operating Systems

 5  6

3.   Creation of redundant copies of information.
5.   Rate at which new requests are made for a resource.
7.   Request for data that is present in the cache.
8.   Technique that uses an individual's physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, eyeball iris scans or face scans, to identify the user.
10.   Interconnection of nodes within a high-speed LAN so that they function as a single parallel computer.
11.   The description of a process or thread that exists in a system simultaneously with other processes and/or threads.
12.   Process of loading initial operating system components into system memory so that they can load the rest of the operating system.
13.   Network characterized as being spontaneous--any number of wireless or wired devices may be connected to it at any time.
1.   Information-carrying capacity of a communications line. Also, a the amount of data transferred over a unit of time.
2.   Measure of the maximum throughput a system can attain, assuming that whenever the system is ready to accept more jobs, another job is immediately available.
4.   Type of an object. Determines an object's methods and attributes.
6.   Path beginning at the root directory.
9.   Situation in which a process or thread is waiting for an event that will never occur and therefore cannot continue execution.


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