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Volume 1, Issue 1, March 7, 2002

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In This Issue... Welcome to the Deitel™ Buzz Online!
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Thank you for subscribing to the Deitel™ Buzz Online. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on Deitel™ products, services and R & D.

Issues of this newsletter will include:

  • Educational product and publication spotlights
  • Articles on the hottest industry topics
  • Deitel publishing program updates
  • Information about Deitel e-learning initiatives
  • Programming tools and tips
  • Information on instructor-led corporate training courses
  • Anecdotes
  • Challenges

We also will include sample programs and applications designed using our signature Live-Code™ approach, in which every concept is presented in the context of a complete working program and followed by screen shots of the program inputs and outputs.

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Coming in the Next Issue:
  • Web Services—articles on SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
  • Updates on new Deitel™ Developer Series publications
  • Latest news on our 2002 Publishing Plan
  • Corporate on-site instructor-led training course information
  • Latest R & D information and discussions on emerging technologies
  • New challenges and anecdotes

Paul Deitel Named CEO

Deitel & Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce the promotion of Paul J. Deitel to Chief Executive Officer of the company. Paul's new duties will include overseeing the company's content creation and instructor-led corporate training divisions. Dr. Harvey M. Deitel will continue as Chairman of the Board and will assume the role of Chief Strategy Officer. Abbey S. Deitel continues to serve as President. Read the complete press release.

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Deitel™ 2002 Publishing Plan

We have been working hard to finalize our publication plans for 2002. In upcoming issues of the Deitel™ Buzz Online, we will preview the Deitel publishing plan, including:

  • New Series
  • New Products
  • New Titles
  • Enhanced Features
  • Upcoming Revisions
  • Additional Ancillaries for Instructors
  • e-Learning Initiatives
  • Web-based Training Developments
  • Enhanced Use of Flash™ Animation
  • e-Matter
  • e-Books
  • Learning-Management and Course-Management Systems
Technology Spotlight: .NET

In each newsletter, this section will highlight various technologies, including .NET, Java™, Visual Basic .NET, C#, XML, C++, C, Perl, Python, Internet and wireless Internet programming. We also will include sample programs and applications designed using our signature Live-Code™ approach.

.NET Articles

"I read part of it all the way through."
Samuel Goldwyn

Introduction to Microsoft .NET
Microsoft's .NET initiative is a broad new vision that embraces the Internet and Web in the development, engineering and use of software. The .NET platform offers powerful capabilities for software development and deployment, including language and platform independence. We believe that .NET will have a profound impact on software development.

Introduction to C#
The C# programming language was designed specifically for the .NET platform as a language that would enable programmers to migrate easily to .NET. Microsoft has positioned C# to be the premier .NET language.

.NET Framework and the Common Language Runtime.
The Microsoft .NET Framework is at the heart of the .NET strategy. This framework manages and executes applications and Web services, contains a class library (called the Framework Class Library, or FCL), enforces security and provides many other programming capabilities. Central components of the .NET Framework include the Common Language Specification (CLS) and the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Introduction to ADO .NET
ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) .NET is the next generation of ADO, which Microsoft designed specifically for the new .NET strategy. ADO .NET allows Windows- and Internet-based applications to manipulate databases and is an integral component to the .NET platform.

Introduction to ASP .NET and Web Services
Many Microsoft software technologies are evolving to be compatible with the .NET Framework, including ADO .NET, ASP .NET, Visual Basic .NET and XML .NET. These languages and their components are critical to the development of .NET applications, specifically those incorporating Web services.

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Check out the first .NET academic textbooks available in the How to Program Series. Deitel™ Developer Series editions (intended for professional programmers) covering these topics will be published in June. Both series draw from a common content base, so readers should buy books from one series or the other, but not both. If you have any questions on how to choose which book or series is right for you, contact us at

C# How to Program
C# How to Program Book Cover

First Edition

ISBN: 0130622214
Pages: 1568

Browse the Book:
Tour of the Book
Table of Contents
Sample Chapters

Ordering Information:

Visual Basic .NET How to Program
Visual Basic .NET How to Program Book Cover

Second Edition

ISBN: 0130293636
Pages: 1517

Browse the Book:
Tour of the Book
Table of Contents
Sample Chapters

Ordering Information:

Professors: To request an examination copy of our .NET publications or any other Deitel product, please contact your Prentice Hall Representative. Your representative also can assist you with obtaining the instructors manuals that accompany each of our publications.

Locate your Prentice Hall representative.

To view our complete Deitel product catalog, including all publications in the How to Program Series and the Deitel™ Developer Series and all international translations, visit
New Publications, Products & Series

For Professionals

Deitel™ Developer Series

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Deitel™ Developer Series. This series offers focused treatments of emerging technologies and is designed for professionals learning new programming languages or enhancing their existing knowledge of particular languages. The series also is appropriate for IT managers who want technical overviews of new technologies. Developer Series books will also be used as supplements in college courses.

Coming in June 2002 to bookstores and online booksellers!

This new series differs from our How to Program Series, which targets the college and university markets and provides comprehensive treatment of introductory material, learning aids and extensive ancillary support.

We encourage you to examine both the Deitel™ Developer Series professional books and the How to Program Series textbooks to determine which best suits your needs. If you have any questions on how to choose which book or series is right for you, please contact us at

To view our complete Deitel product catalog, visit

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For Instructors

Lab Manual Series

We are pleased to announce C++ in the Lab—the first product in our Lab Manual Series. C++ in the Lab is designed to accompany the textbook, C++ How to Program, Third Edition and the optional, interactive CD-ROM-based C++ Multimedia Cyber Classroom, in a laboratory environment.

Each chapter of the lab manual includes carefully constructed activities designed for a two-hour, closed laboratory experience, including:

  • Prelab Activities—matching questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short-answer questions and correct-the-code exercises
  • Lab Exercises—entering, testing and modifying C++ programs
  • Postlab Activities—additional coding exercises and substantial programming problems
C++ In the Lab
C++ In the Lab Book Cover

Lab Manual to Accompany C++ How to Program 3/e

Pages: 579

Professors: Please contact your Prentice Hall Representative for an evaluation copy of C++ in the Lab and for the accompanying Instructors Manual.

Locate your Prentice Hall representative.

We are pleased to announce that Java in the Lab, the lab manual to accompany Java How to Program, Fourth Edition, will be available in Summer 2002.

For Students

Deitel & Associates offers a variety of learning products and study aids in addition to our How to Program series texts.

  • Companion Web Sites—Each site provides chapter objectives, self-review exercises and answers, chapter highlights and reference material. To view companion Web sites available for each textbook, visit Here is a direct link to the Java How to Program, 4/e Companion Web Site.

  • PowerPoint Lecture Notes—Presentations are highly condensed versions of the text for easy review of core concepts. These slides include the source-code listings, figures and tables from every textbook. The PowerPoint slides include syntax-colored code examples and callouts that emphasize the most important sections of code. To view all available PowerPoint Lecture Notes, visit

  • All executable code examples—Each textbook's hundreds of program examples and thousands of lines of code can be downloaded at You are encouraged to download these examples and run them while reading the text. Each example is designed to reinforce key concepts and material discussed in the corresponding textbook.

  • Cyber Classrooms and Complete Training Courses—Each How to Program text can be ordered as a Complete Training Course package, containing the textbook and the corresponding Cyber Classroom—an interactive, multimedia, tutorial version of the book. Complete Training Courses are value-added products that give you additional hands-on experience and study aids for minimal additional costs. Features of the Complete Training Courses and Multimedia Cyber Classrooms include:
    • About 13 to 19 hours of detailed audio descriptions of the code
    • Practice questions with answers that provide immediate feedback on your performance
    • Hundreds of self-review questions drawn from the text (all with answers)
    • Hundreds of end-of-chapter programming exercises from the text (about half with answers)

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Available Now for Students

We have eight Complete Training Course products, and three more will be available by June, 2002.

  • The Complete Java™ 2 Training Course, 4/e
  • The Complete C++ Training Course, 3/e
  • The Complete Internet & World Wide Web Programming Training Course, 2/e
  • The Visual Basic 6 Training Course, 1/e
  • The Complete Perl Training Course, 1/e
  • The Complete XML Training Course, 1/e
  • The Complete Wireless Internet & Mobile Business Programming Training Course, 1/e
  • The Complete e-Business & e-Commerce Programming Training Course, 1/e
Coming soon:
  • The Complete C# Training Course, 1/e
  • The Complete Visual Basic .NET Training Course, 2/e
  • The Complete Python Training Course, 1/e

Students who have already purchased a textbook but wish to buy the corresponding Multimedia Cyber Classroom CD-ROM can do so at (average price as of March 6, 2002: $45 + shipping and tax).

The Complete Java™ 2 Training Course
Complete Java 2 Training Course, Fourth Edition Box Cover

Fourth Edition

ISBN: 0130649317

Ordering Information:

Includes Java How to Program, Fourth Edition and the Java Multimedia Cyber Classroom, Third Edition (interactive CD-ROM)

[NOTE: This product contains solutions to approximately half the exercises in Java How to Program, Fourth Edition; it also includes audio walkthroughs of the code examples in the text.]

The Complete C++ Training Course
C++ Complete Training Course Box Cover

Third Edition

ISBN: 0130895644

Ordering Information:

Includes C++ How to Program, Third Edition and the C++ Multimedia Cyber Classroom, Third Edition (interactive CD-ROM)

[NOTE: This product contains solutions to approximately half the exercises in C++ How to Program, Third Edition; it also includes audio walkthroughs of the code examples in the text.]

Research & Development Emerging Technologies
Web Services

A Web service is a software component that can be published, located and invoked over the Internet using open standards, such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

By enabling application-to-application communications across different platforms and programming languages, Web services represent a major advancement in distributed computing. Web services promote software reusability and facilitate many business processes, such as simplifying B2B interactions and improving partner relationships.

Web services will have a profound impact on computing and enterprise applications in 2002. We are publishing several Web services books, including two in the launch of our Deitel™ Developer SeriesJava Web Services and Web Services: A Technical Introduction. Additional Web services titles, including C# Web Services and Visual Basic .NET Web Services will be published in the Deitel™ Developer Series. In addition to these new publications, many of our How to Program Series texts include substantial discussions of Web services.

To learn more about the Deitel™ Developer Series, read the New Publications, Products & Series section of this newsletter.

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Water logo

Deitel & Associates, Inc., is committed to supporting both established and emerging programming languages. As a part of our commitment, we are working with Clear Methods, Inc., a company that has developed a new programming language called Water.

Water is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that uses an XML syntax for describing data, for presentation and for code. Water is flexible, easy to learn, and its design makes it well-suited for developing Web applications and Web services.

Several Deitel employees serve on the Clear Methods, Inc., Board of Advisors and have equity positions in the company. The Deitel™ Buzz Online will feature Water articles and tutorials as this new language develops.

For more information about Water, please visit

Corporate On-Site Training

Training Overview

With our corporate, on-site, instructor-led training courses, professionals can learn Java™, C/C++, XML, Internet programming, wireless programming, .NET languages, Perl and Python from the internationally recognized professionals at Deitel & Associates, Inc. Our authors, teaching staff and contract instructors have taught over 1,000,000 people in more than 100 countries how to program in almost every major programming language through:

  • How to Program Series textbooks
  • University teaching
  • Professional seminars
  • Interactive multimedia CD-ROM Cyber Classrooms and Complete Training Courses
  • Satellite broadcasts
  • Companion Web sites

Bring Deitel instructor-led corporate training to your company for a one-to-five day on-site seminar!

Our clients include IBM, NASDAQ, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, EMC, Eastman Kodak, 3Com, Arthur Andersen, Cap Gemini, GE, Motorola, Dell, Oracle, GTE, Fidelity, Lockheed Martin, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, White Sands Missile Range, Boeing, BEA Systems, US Army at Fort Leavenworth, Lucent, Hitachi and Nortel Networks. We also have taught courses for many other companies, government organizations, colleges and universities. Curriculum design and consulting services also are available. For more information, visit our training homepage or contact us.

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Corporate Training Course Topics

Challenge of the Week Lore & Legend of Deitel & Associates

We anticipate the day that we will be able to converse easily with our computers. This kind of communication via natural languages (like English, French, Swahili, etc.) could suffer from ambiguity problems. For example, what product is manufactured at an entity called the "red-brick factory?"

Send your answers to We look forward to your responses and we will summarize them in the next issue of the Deitel™ Buzz Online.

Picture of the Java bug band.
How the How to Program Series Was Born

In 1991, when Pascal was still the dominant language in introductory computer science courses, Harvey and Paul Deitel set out to write an entry-level college textbook on C programming. They were having trouble determining a title for the book. They wanted a title that would convey the purpose of the book—teaching in a friendly manner the C language that was considered complex for a nonprogramming audience. They were becoming increasingly frustrated. Abbey Deitel, then a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University, heard the commotion. Always the mediator, Abbey asked if she could help. Harvey and Paul described the problem. Abbey instantly responded, "C How to Program—you know, like see spot run," and then quietly went about her business. Harvey and Paul looked and each other dumbfounded and said, "That's it! How does she do that?" C How to Program became the best-selling C introductory/intermediate programming textbook and spawned the Deitel™ How to Program Series. One year later, Abbey was hired by Deitel & Associates, Inc., as a marketing intern. Today, she is President and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

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Deitel on InformIT Job Opportunities at Deitel

InformIT logoInformIT (, a portal operated by Pearson PLC—the British company that owns our publisher, Prentice Hall—delivers quality content for IT professionals.

The InformIT Web site contains special sections dedicated to Deitel products, publications and services including:

  • Deitel Kiosk (—will contain information on our latest products, publications, multimedia products and corporate training services. This site will be operational in early April.
  • Discounts and promotions—InformIT provides up-to-date sales and ordering information on all Deitel products.

The InformIT Web site and InformIT newsletter are two additional ways for computer professionals to stay on top of industry trends and resources:

  • Keep your edge with thousands of quality technical articles on dozens of hot topics.
  • For those who need more comprehensive answers, check out Safari Online Tech Books, which includes over 500 technical books.
  • Prefer to learn offline? Choose from over 5,000 discounted titles in the InformIT book store, written by some of the best and brightest authors in the industry.

To register for the InformIT newsletter and Web site, please visit

Bug sitting at Desk (Anna Lee Tic)

Learn the hottest technologies and be a part of a winning organization!

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  • Bright
  • A hard-working, team player
  • Willing to accept significant responsibilities and work long hours
  • Passionate about technology
  • Interested in learning new skills

Deitel & Associates, Inc., may be right for you. Click any of the following links to learn about the kinds of opportunities that become available from time to time.

Our rapidly growing corporate training business always has teaching opportunities for contract instructors.

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