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PowerPoint Instructor Lecture Notes:
e-Business & e-Commerce for Managers

This material is protected under all Copyright Laws as they currently exist. ©2002 Deitel & Associates, Inc. and Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Notwithstanding users ability to download and modify the PowerPoint Slides that have been posted on this Web site, it is understood that the original version of these slides, as well as any and all modifications thereof, and all corresponding copyrights, shall at all times remain the property of Deitel & Associates, Inc. and Prentice Hall.

Note: ALPHA slides contain only code listings, figures and tables. All files are ZIP format.

Chapters 1-10 (4.5 MB)

Chapters 11-20 (4.9 MB)

Case Study [includes Appendix A and excludes Appendix G] (2 MB) ALPHA

Appendix G (292 KB)