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C# for Experienced Programmers

C# for Experienced Programmers


ISBN: 0130461334

pages: 1437

publish date: Aug. 2002

Table of Contents

Tour of the Book



DEITEL C#  Publishing

Source-Code Download

Software Installation Instructions

Setting Up Web Projects

Adding a Reference to a C# or Visual Basic .NET Project

Cover Theme

The practicing programmer’s DEITEL LIVE-CODE introduction to C# and the powerful Microsoft® .NET Framework

This book covers the following:

  • Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Windows® Forms GUIs
  • Exception Handling
  • Mobile Internet Toolkit
  • ASP .NET, Web Forms and Web Controls
  • Database, SQL and ADO .NET
  • ASP .NET Web Services
  • XML and XML Processing
  • And more...

Written for programmers with a background in C++, Visual Basic®, Java or other high-level languages, this book applies our signature LIVE-CODE approach to teaching programming and explores Microsoft’s C# language in depth. This book presents important C# concepts in the context of fully tested programs, complete with syntax highlighting, detailed line-by-line descriptions and program outputs. The book features 230 LIVE-CODE programs that contain 26,006 lines of proven C# program code. In addition, the book includes 402 programming tips that help you build applications that are portable, reusable and optimized for performance. Start with a concise introduction to C# fundamentals, then rapidly move on to more advanced topics, including Windows Forms, ADO .NET, ASP .NET, ASP .NET Web services, network programming and XML processing. Along the way you will enjoy our treatment of object-based and object-oriented programming. When you are finished, you will have everything you need to build next-generation Windows applications, Web applications and XML Web services.

For more information about this publication, please read the Preface, Tour of the Book and Table of Contents.

[Note: This product shares common content with our textbook C# How to Program. If you already own C# How to Program, you should not buy this book. Click here to find out which DEITEL™ C# product is right for you.]

The DEITEL Developer Series is designed for practicing professionals. The series presents focused treatments of emerging technologies, including .NET, J2EE, Web services and more. Each book in the series contains the same LIVE-CODE teaching methodology used in our How to Program Series college textbooks. The series includes a wide selection of books suitable for three types of readers:




A Technical Introduction

Broad overviews of new technologies for programmers, technical managers and other technical professionals

A Programmer’s

Focused treatments of programming fundamentals for practicing programmers and for novices

For Experienced

Detailed treatments of language topics for experienced programmers


“Your book has sparked a passion in me for programming like no other.”
-Scott Haynes

“Comprehensive, coherent, clear, and just plain FUN to work through!”
-James Huddleston

“I must say my favorite feature is the examples...”
-Ben Schrooten

“I have read many books and taken many training courses over the past 20 years, but this stands out as the absolute best!”
-Cindy Steele


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