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Visual C# 2012 How to Program Cover

ISBN: 0133379337 
© 2014, pp. 1017

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Visual C#® Programming Curriculum OverviewMinimize

Visual C# is the programming language that Microsoft designed specifically for the .NET platform. C# has become a language of choice for implementing Windows applications that integrate with the Internet and the Web. These classes help novices become literate in Visual C# programming and help experienced programmers become skilled Visual C# developers. The classes are up-to-the-minute with Microsoft’s latest development tools and the .NET platform.

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Advanced Visual C# 2008Visual C# 2008 for Java or C++ ProgrammersVisual C# 2008 for Visual Basic, C or COBOL ProgrammersIntroduction to Visual C# 2008 for Non-Programmers: Part 2Introduction to Visual C# 2008 for Non-Programmers: Part 1


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