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PHP Resource Center

PHP Training Courses
PHP|architect Online Training
PHP|architect live online training courses.  Courses include "PHP 5 Essentials," "PHP 5 Certification Combo," "Professional PHP 5" and "PHP 5 Full Immersion."
Apex Web Media PHP
Apex Web Media PHP tutorial training.  Find free demos or order complete training videos.  Topic concepts include absolute basics, making choices, loops, control structures, data, coding techniques, sessions and users, objects and more.
"PHP Programming"
Hands On Technology Transfer, 4-day class entitled "PHP Programming."  Course covers overview of PHP, basic scripting, conditional constructs, Apache Web Server, functions, operators, arrays, forms and more.
"PHP Training: Introduction to PHP & MySQL"
Accelebrate, 4-day class entitled "PHP Training: Introduction to PHP & MySQL."  Course covers PHP basics, flow control, arrays, forms, string manipulation, reusing code, writing functions, database, sessions and more.

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