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Web 2.0 Resource Center


Companies of Web 2.0
Teoma Organic Search Engine
This organic search engine provides results from naturally-occurring communities, rather than the sites with the most hits. It ranks Web sites based on the number of pages on the same subject that link or reference the site.
Wink Tagging Application
Wink allows registered users to tag and rate Web content, then uses those preferences in combination with Google search to provide relevant search results. Social Networking Site is a social networking site that allows users to connect with people in their area. You can post or search for jobs, suggested restaurants, apartments, items for sale or even an activity partner. Users create their own pages with photos, links and more.
LinkedIn Career Networking Site
LinkedIn is a career networking site that allows users to find jobs or potential employees, consultants and business partners. LinkedIn Jobs allows users to search job listings and connect with hiring managers, recruiters, etc. They currently have over 3.8 million professionals worldwide.
Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia
This is a free encyclopedia, available in several languages, that allows users to annotate the data.
MySpace Social Networking Site
This is a social networking site that allows members to post profiles, chat with others, join groups, play games, find a date and more. JavaScript Library is a JavaScript library for use with web sites and web applications that incorporates an animation framework, drag and drop capabilities, Ajax controls, DOM utilities and unit testing. It is used by numerous Web 2.0 companies. Download the software for free. Site includes a wiki, FAQ, forums, demos and more.
BlinkList Bookmarking
BlinkList provides you with a button to bookmark web sites, your own web site to keep track of all of your Blinks, tools to organize your Blinks, and the ability to share them with other users. Social Bookmarking Site is a social bookmarking site. You can search by keyword and find the sites, articles, blogs, etc. that users have bookmarked. You can find other users with similar interests and see what sites they have bookmarked. Or create your own bookmarks and share them with others.
Brightcove Internet Television Service
Brightcove is an emerging Internet television service that allows you to create your own online television show or television station. You can monetize your videos with advertisements. Take the tutorial that shows you how to set up your Internet TV channel in 30 minutes. Topics include installing the Brightcove video manager, uploading assets (videos, animation, etc.), creating titles, creating a lineup, creating a player, syndication and reporting.
Technorati Blog Search
Start your blog search at Technorati. Simply enter a word or a phrase (in quotes) in one or more of the text boxes (options include "contain all these words," "contain this exact phrase," "contains at least one of these words," and "do not contain any of these words) and then select a "Search in" category ("all blogs," "blogs about," or "this blog URL). Check out the list of the top 15 searches in the last hour.
Trulia Vertical Search Engine
Trulia is a vertical search engine for the residential real estate market. Trulia searches thousands of real estate broker sites for residential property listings, sales trends, neighborhood information and more. Check out the Trulia FAQ and find fun facts about real estate.
Simply Hired Vertical Search Engine
Check out Simply Hired—a vertical search engine for job seekers. Employers submit their job openings to Simply Hired for free. Add Simply Hired job search capabilities to your web site. Get help from other users in the Simply Hired forums, and checkout the FAQ for more information about the service.
YouTube Video Sharing
YouTube allows you to share videos through the YouTube site, other sites, blogs and e-mail. You can also tag your favorite videos on the YouTube site, join video groups based on your personal hobbies and interests, restrict access to your videos, and integrate your videos on other sites (like your personal blog) using the YouTube APIs. Social Music Patform is a social music platform. Create your own musical profile, share your recommendations with the community, connect with other members of the community with similar music interests and more. Take the tour of to learn more about the features of the site.
Digg allows users to drive the content on the site; users submit articles and rate articles already on the site. You can search for articles by topic including entertainment, technology, science, world and business, sports, videos and gaming. You can also view articles by the top stories for the day, week, month or year.
Applied Semantics
In 2003, Google acquired Applied Semantics in an effort to improve Google's AdSense contextual advertising program. Applied Semantics specializes in semantic text processing and online advertising. The company's patented semantic technology helps web publishers understand the content on web pages in order to deliver the most relevant ads.
The Next Net 25
Article: "The Next Net 25: A New Web Revolution is Picking up Steam, and the Next Google or Microsoft Could Emerge from the Companies that are in the Vanguard," by Erick Schonfeld, Om Malik and Michael V. Copeland (March 3, 2006, Business 2.0 Magazine). Talks about the "Next Net" which goes beyond Web 2.0, and lists the top 25 companies of the Next Net including social media companies (Digg,, Newsvine, Tagworld and YouTube), mashups and filters (Bloglines, Eurekster, Simply Hired, Technorati, Trulia and Wink), the new phone (Fonality, SIPphone, Iotum, and Vivox), the webtop (Jotspot, 30Boxes, 37Signals, Writely and Zimbra), and "under the hood" (Brightcove, Jigsaw, SimplyFeed, Salesforce and Six Apart).

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