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Digg is a social content website in which the community drives the content. Users submit news stories (articles, blog entries, etc.). The community votes on the articles submitted. The most popular stories rise to the top. You can also track your friends' activity on the site to follow the news stories they like and dislike. is a social bookmarking (or tagging) site. Sign up for an account to create a collection of your favorite web sites, blogs, news stories, etc. Share your favorites with other users or check out the sites that others have bookmarked. Search by keyword to find sites users have tagged related to that keyword. Each result includes a link to the site and shows the number of users who have saved that site in their bookmarks.
Technorati is a service that rates the popularity of various “citizen media,” or user-generated web content, by indexing blogs and tracking in- and out-bound links. Joining the Technorati community allows users to create a personal profile to claim authorship of blogs indexed by Technorati.
Reddit allows the community to control the editorial content of the site by adding content resources and voting on the content submitted by others. Over time, Reddit learns your likes and dislikes and can filter the content based on your specific tastes.
Newsvine is a social news website that allows users to submit articles and algorithmically ranks them based on votes, comments and readership. Newsvine users can set up an account to create a custom news column and take advantage of the website’s rich news delivery capabilities, which include such features as regionalized content, RSS feeds, customized “watchlists,” and enhanced search functionality.
Netscape is a social news website that allows users to submit stories to a voting community. The top 25 most popular stories are posted on the homepage. Unlike other social media websites, Netscape employs a team of editors who improve the quality of submissions by removing spam and recommending stories.
PopURLs is a website that aggregates up-to-the-minute headlines from the Internet’s most popular news and social media websites including Digg,, Reddit, FlickR, Newsvine, YouTube, Google news, Yahoo! news, Netscape, Slashdot and more.
Wikipedia is a community generated encyclopedia that allows any user to create and edit entries. The extensive volunteer community of Wikipedia editors helps to protect against vandalism, check for accuracy, and ensure articles are written from a neutral point of view in accordance with the encyclopedia’s guidelines.
Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Answers is an online community that allows members owning a Yahoo! ID to submit questions on any topic and receive answers for a specified period of time. Questions are resolved when the submitter selects a best answer from those submitted by the community.
Flickr is a photosharing community where you can upload and store your photos, share them with friends and family, search for images posted by the community, and more. Create a free account and upload pictures from your computer, digital camera, or mobile device. Keep your photos private, share them with a selected group or make them available to the entire community. 
YouTube is a video sharing site. Users can share their videos, watch other member's videos, join groups with similar interests, create playlists, subscribe to other member videos, save favorites, integrate videos on web sites, and elect to make their videos public or private. Video categories include arts and animation, autos and vehicles, comedy, entertainment, music, news and blogs, people, pets and animals, science and technology, sports, travel and places, and video games. The Channels tab shows the most popular videos, how many people viewed the video and how many subscribed to it. The Videos tab shows you the most viewed videos of the current day and tells you when each was added, who added it, the number of times it has been viewed, the number of viewers who rated the video and the video's rating (1-5 stars). 
Slashdot is a community news site tailored to a technology-oriented audience, where users submit stories for review by Slashdot authors. The most interesting and relevant are posted to the homepage, where they are open to rating and commentary by the community.
Currently in beta, ZoomR is a photosharing community site that allows members to post photos, comment on other people’s submissions, and view the most popular photos from the last hour, day, week, month or year as determined by the ZoomR algorithm.
StumbleUpon is an online service that helps users discover interesting new websites by suggesting sites based upon personal preferences. Users give each site they “Stumble!” upon a thumbs up/down rating, which influences the service’s suggestions. StumbleUpon users can use member profiles to create a network of friends based upon common interests and shared favorite websites. is a social news website that functions as an outlet for “citizen journalism.” Users can login to the website to post news stories, videos, pictures and other content with tags and information to make searchable and distributable across the Internet.

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