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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Workshops and Presentations
Internet Identity Workshop (IIW)
The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) discusses user-centric identity (identity services between people, websites and organizations), the technical, social and legal uses associated with identity services and more.
OpenSocial and Facebook Apps Presentation
Event: "Facebook Application Development Meetup at Google," presented by OpenSocial. Topics include Facebook and OpenSocial application development, an overview of OpenSocial and the API, sample social applications and OpenSocial applications vs. Facebook applications. Provides a demo of existing OpenSocial apps on Orkut, Plaxo, Ning and Hi5.
Social Network Portability
Presentation: "Social Network Portability: Fun with the Social Graph Presentation," by Brad Fitzpatrick. Discusses the problems and issues with the lack of openness between social networks. Proposes opening the social graph (for example, using OpenID software). Includes an overview of the social graph, visual examples of graphing social connections and more.

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Update :: October 21, 2018