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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Social Networks
Member Overlap at Social Networks
Blog entry: "Connecting the Social Graph: Member Overlap at OpenSocial and Facebook," by Alex Patriquin of Compete. Discusses partners of OpenSocial, such as LinkedIn and Friendster. Explains different branches of the social graph, including professional, personal and family (i.e., LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, while Friendster is categorized as a personal social network). Includes information on Facebook and a chart that displays member overlap on social networks; for example, 64 percent of Facebook members belong to MySpace, and Bebo, Hi5 and Friendster each share more than 49% of their members with MySpace.
The Next Big Applications
Blog entry: "OpenSocial—Should Facebook Really Be Worried And What Are the Next Big Apps?" by Max Freiert of Compete. Analyzes and compares users of Facebook with OpenSocial partners, including MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and others. Discusses what types of applications would have the most potential on social networks.

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Update :: October 18, 2018