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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Google OpenSocial
OpenSocial Blog
OpenSocial API blog discusses the latest OpenSocial developer and social network news. Provides API version updates, the API roadmap and open source container samples. Includes information on OpenSocial sandbox releases and links to the live sandboxes on sites such as, Hi5 and Ning. Links to additional OpenSocial resources (i.e., OpenSocial API Docs and Developer's Guide, Google code, example applications and more).
OpenSocial and Facebook Apps Presentation
Event: "Facebook Application Development Meetup at Google," presented by OpenSocial. Topics include Facebook and OpenSocial application development, an overview of OpenSocial and the API, sample social applications and OpenSocial applications vs. Facebook applications. Provides a demo of existing OpenSocial apps on Orkut, Plaxo, Ning and Hi5.
Google OpenSocial
Blog entry: "Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday," from TechCrunch. Discusses OpenSocial's three common APIs (user data, friend information and activities), canvas page options, Google OpenSocial partners and more.
OpenSocial Relevant Social Apps
Blog entry: "Google OpenSocial Will (Hopefully) Make Social Apps More Relevant," by Charlene Li of Forrester Research. Discusses OpenSocial functions and capabilities, including its APIs, and provides information on OpenSocial partners, such as Plaxo, Friendster, Hi5 and Ning. Compares Facebook's platform with Google OpenSocial.
The Web is Better When It's Social
Blog Entry: "The Web is Better When It's Social," by Amar Gandhi and Peter Chane, OpenSocial Group Product Managers. Discusses social networks and developer APIs, including OpenSocial's APIs. Includes examples from OpenSocial partners, including MySpace, Plaxo, LinkedIn and others. Discusses how OpenSocial is used by companies such as and Oracle.
OpenSocial App Code
OpenSocial's APIs allow you to build applications that can run across multiple websites. Provides links to OpenSocial API docs and Orkut (Google's social network) where developers can write social gadgets. Discusses Google Gadget technology, including the Google Gadget Editor and building viral social applications with little serving cost. Discusses OpenSocial's common set of APIs, standard JavaScript and HTML and more. Links to the OpenSocial Blog, example applications and additional developer resources.

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