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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Facebook Social Graph
Facebook's Zuckerberg Uncorks the Social Graph
Blog entry: "Facebook's Zuckerberg Uncorks the Social Graph," by Dan Farber of ZDNet. Discusses the Facebook Developer Platform, including its features, tools and capabilities for developers. Provides Zuckerberg's insights on the social graph and its influence on Facebook's power and success. Discusses how Facebook's social graph influences groups, applications and business opportunities.
The TouchGraph Facebook Browser
Tool allows users to see how their friends on Facebook are connected and which of those friends have the most tagged pictures together. Also allows you to explore your networks by graphing photos from any users' album, and view the connections between members of a group.
Social Graph-iti
Article: "Social Graph-iti," from The Economist Print Edition. Defines the social graph and how it applies to social networks such as Facebook and others. Discusses Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of the Facebook Developer Platform, Google's social network Orkut and Plaxo (a company that helps synchronize address books and plans to turn the books into social graphs). Discusses how Metcalfe's Law (which states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of system users) relates to the network effects of communication technologies and networks. Also discusses how the social networking company, Ning lets users build their own social networks, and how companies can utilize the social graph to design experiences that will engage users and their friends.
Facebook Applications and The Social Graph
Blog entry: "Platform is Here," by Katie Geminder, Facebook's Director of Product. Discusses how the viral capabilities of the social graph resulted in the success of Facebook Photo. Also discusses the Facebook Developer Platform and integrating applications into the Facebook social graph.

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Update :: October 23, 2018