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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Developer Tools
Feed Preview Console
Facebook's Feed Preview Console allows you to preview the Mini-Feed and News Feeds that could show up on users' profiles. Allows you to customize feeds for your applications.
OpenSocial Application Code
OpenSocial's APIs allow you to build applications that can run across multiple websites. Provides links to OpenSocial API docs and Orkut (Google's social network), where developers write social gadgets. Discusses Google Gadget technology, including the Google Gadget Editor, and building a viral social applications with little serving cost. Discusses OpenSocial's set of APIs, standard JavaScript and HTML and more. Links to the OpenSocial Blog, example applications and additional developer resources.
OpenSocial API Developer's Guide
OpenSocial API Developer's Guide discusses how to create a social gadget, the functionality of the OpenSocial API, gadget code examples, how to work with persistent data, adding a gadget to Orkut, sample gadgets and more.
Facebook Developer Toolkit Download
Download the Facebook Developer Toolkit Version 1.2. Feature include refactored FacebookService, added AsyncFacebookService, improved photo API, Canvas base pages to Facebook.WebControls, Canvas samples (ASPNETPlatformSamples), IFrame Ajax sample, IFrame Silverlight example, new notifications API, updated PublishStory and PublishAction interfaces, updated CreateAlbum interface and more.
API Test Console
API test console for Facebook developers. Experiment with functions and responses by selecting the method you want to call and the format of return values. Links directly to documentation for each method (friends.get, users.getInfo, data.setUserPreference and more).
Facebook Markup Language Test Console
Facebook Markup Language (FBML) test console allows you to experiment with FBML (an XML-like language for Facebook) by writing your own Facebook Markup Language form. Shows you the resulting page and errors.

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Update :: October 21, 2018