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Social Graph Resource Center

Social Graph Blogs
Social Graph and Business
Blog Entry: "Explaining What the 'Social Graph' is to Your Executives," by Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategy. Discusses the issues, features and future outlooks for the social graph and social networking sites. Discusses how the social graph represents personal, family and business communities on social networking sites. Provides detailed real-world examples from social networking websites to explain the benefits, challenges and future outlook of the social graph.
Opening Up The Social Graph
Blog Entry: "Web2Summit: Opening Up the Social Graph," by David Recordon, Open Platforms Tech Lead for Six Apart. Discusses Six Apart's web service for developers called the Six Apart Relationship Update Stream that will help open the social graph. Explains its functions and capabilities, the companies that use it (including LiveJournal and Ma.gnolia), how opening the social graph will make it easier for online applications and services to communicate, and how it allows users to control their information, profiles and relationships.
Is It Time to Retire the Social Graph
Blog Entry: "Is it Time to Retire the 'Social Graph'?" by Josh Catone of Read/WriteWeb. Catone suggests that a social graph is interchangeable with a social network. Provides insights from Robert Scoble and others who disagree that a social graph and a social network are the same.
Social Graphs and Identity Systems
Blog Entry: "Social Graphs and Identity Systems," by Dan Farber, Larry Dignan and David Berlind, of ZDNet. Discusses identity systems and open social networks. Includes information on the OpenID system and Brad Fitzpatrick's proposal for an open social graph that records public data about user connections for social networks.
Social Graph Concepts and Issues
Blog Entry: "Social Graph: Concepts and Issues," by Alex Iskold of Read/WriteWeb. Provides a definition of the social graph and discusses Brad Fitzpatrick's blog post on the social graph, issues, standards and laws associated with the social graph. Discusses the key elements in digital social graphs, privacy and ownership issues and standard social graph APIs.
Thoughts on the Social Graph
Blog Entry: "Brad's Thoughts on the Social Graph," by Author Brad Fitzpatrick. Defines the social graph, discusses the issues associated with social networks and what a public social graph would mean for users and social networks. Discusses privacy issues, standard social graph APIs, establishing non-profit and open source software, OpenID and more.
Facebook Applications and The Social Graph
Blog Entry: "Platform is Here," by Katie Geminder, Facebook's Director of Product. Discusses how the viral capabilities of the social graph resulted in the success of Facebook Photo. Also discusses the Facebook Developer Platform and integrating applications into the Facebook social graph.
Social Graphs 101
Blog Entry: "Social Graphs 101," by Chris Hoskin of the Strategic Alternative Marketing Blog. Discusses the relationship between social graphs and marketing. Introduces social networking and how open APIs will change Internet marketing. Links to Jeremiah Owyang's blog that discusses the social graph and what it can do for businesses and brands.

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