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Mashups Tools
"A Round-up of Great Mashup Tools"
Blog: "Assembling Great Software: A Round-up of Eight Mashup Tools," by Dion Hinchcliffe. Discusses what mashups do via a diagram, API source sites such as ProgrammableWeb and Global SOA, and his review of eight mashup tools including Above All Studio (from Above All Software), Dapper (an online mashup tool), (good for small business application mashups), JackBuilder (from JackBe) is a browser-based mashup tool, aRex (from Nexaweb), Process Engine (from Procession) for task automation, Ratchet-X Studio (from RatchetSoft) for rapid application integration, and RSSBus (from RSSBus) for creating mashups from RSS feeds. Free Tool
Free Tool: is a hosted service that offers an open source tool (AppliBuilder) that allows users to create mashups. Application developers can sign up for free service when it becomes available and a paid service is also planned; a demo is available.
"Mashup Tools to Feature in Salesforce Update",39020330,39283320,00.htm
Article: "Mashup Tools to Feature in Salesforce Update," by Mike Ricciuti. Discusses the announcement from SalesForce that it will be easier to customize business software through mashups in its latest edition.
"Marketing Mashup Tools"
Article: "Marketing Mashup Tools," by Rob Rose. Discusses using mashups for marketing on web sites. Topics include site search systems, email campaign management, content management systems, web analytics system, and what to consider when mashing up these tools.
"Yahoo to Offer New Mashup Tools"
Article: "Yahoo to Offer New Mashup Tools," by Anne Broache. Discusses Yahoo's announcement that it will provide APIs for doing mashups through its Developer's Network. In addition, Yahoo will also set up an Application Gallery for viewing programs created with the APIs.
Mashup Tools Wiki
Mashup Tools Wiki is a developers source for tools and tips for building technology mashups.

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Update :: October 21, 2018