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KNOL Resource Center
KNOL Resource Sites
Wikipedia Competitor Being Tested by Google
Article: “Wikipedia Competitor Being Tested by Google,” by Miguel Helft. Discusses what Knol is, how Knol works; features such as submitting comments, rate pages and suggest changes, the basic concept of the project, and the types of topics the project will cover.
Google Offers Encyclopedia
Article: “Google Offers Encyclopedia,” by Associated Press. Discusses Google’s new Knol project, where entries will come from, how the knol project would challenge Wikipedia, how the knol project will work, and how Knol differs from Wikipedia.
The is a community site for Google’s new online encyclopedia (on Ning). Resources include: an animated greeting, the latest activities, forums, information about site, a screen shot of the Knol site, a description of the Knol project, current members (including profiles), Google news, member photos, member videos; a list of current groups (topics include online content authors, business club, software developers, web designers, making money with blogging, widget application developers, looking for content, and current wiki editors), the number of members for each group and who created the group; recent blog posts, and membership information. The gadgets page offers 42 free OpenSocial (see our OpenSocial Resource Center) gadgets that can be added to a users page. Current gadgets include: “My Favorite Music,” “Scramble,” “,” “MiniGoogleSearch,” “Posh Mamas,” “Garfield of the Day,” “Diet and Nutrition Tip of the Day,” “Chuck Norris Facts,” “Travelerspoint” random photos, “(Orkut) Upcoming Birthdays,” “My Current Time,” “Today’s Reason to Drink,” “Comic Gadget,” “Ron Paul 2008,” “,” “Totally Free Crap,” “Beer Pong,” “Cat of the Hour, “ “The Meaning of My Name,” “Random Popular Videos,” “Mileage Calculator,” “Shakespeare Quotes,” “Super Mario Bros.” “Duck Hunt,” ‘DUB Pages, “ “Amazon Shopping Widget,” “Zoo,” “Unype Virtual World,” “Welcome,” “Win Stuff!!,” “Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro Webcam,” “Friends Carousel,” “The Gift is Not Too Big or Too Small,” “Pregnancy Nutrition Tip of the Day,” “Reapandsow Music,” “Songs iLike,” “Flash Element TD,” “Now Playing on Sirius,” “Sudoku Puzzle,” “Dancing Hillary,” and “Zombocon.”
Google Alerts
Google Alerts. Sign-up to receive the developing news and updates on Google’s Knol with Google Alerts. Users can name their topic of interest (e.g., Knol), select the type of medium (news, blogs, web, video or groups) and how often to receive the update (daily, as it occurs or weekly).

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Update :: October 16, 2018