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KNOL Resource Center
KNOL Monetization
Google's Know-It-All Project
Article: "Google's Know-It-All Project," by Abdy Greenberg. Discusses what the Google Knol project is, how it will work, making money with a Knol entry, Google becoming a web publisher, the possibility of pushing out other publisher's content, the possibility of a conflect of interest (pointing to your own content), how Wikipedia pages receive traffic, similar sites (including eHow,, Squidoo and Mahalo), effects on search engine optimization companies, and ranking Knol pages.
Google Goes After Wikipedia
Article: "Google Goes After Wikipedia," Adam C. Engst. Discusses the basic concept behind Knol, Google's goal for Knol, displaying ads on a Knol, credited authors, author-specific pages, Knol's community-based features, maintaining content, duplication problems, writing quality, possible copyright problems, and user interface and hosting technology.
Google to Wikipedia: "Knol" Thine Enemy
Article: "Google to Wikipedia: 'Knol' Thine Enemy," by Nate Anderson. Discusses Googles Knol Project; for creating, editing, and earning a profit from a topic of knowledge, the basics of the Knol system, the layout, content control, types of target users, challenges to social sites, monetizing with AdSense, and possible conflicts of interest.

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Update :: November 13, 2018