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KNOL Resource Center
KNOL Introductions
Google’s Knol Announcement
Google’s Knol Announcement. Knol is a free tool/web page (both are called knol), that can be used by people who have knowledge about a given topic, to write an authorized article. The announcement discusses the idea to highlight authors (author recognition will produce better content), the look and feel of the web page, additional tools (such as editors), free hosting, community tools (for comments, questions, editing, adding content, rating and reviews), links to references and additional information, monetization (an author option), open participation (once testing is complete), knols will be ranked by Google search, a wide range of topics will include technical, scientific, how-to, etc., and article responsibility.
Knol Definition
The definition of Knol (stands for unit of knowledge) from Wikipedia. Discusses what Knol is, the status of the project, the project format, comparisons and speculations, and links to additional references.
Encouraging People to Contribute Knowledge
Blog: "Encouraging People to Contribute Knowledge," from Udi Manber, VP of Engineering at Google. Discusses Google's new Knol Project, sharing knowledge, the basic premise and goals of the project, the tools that Google will provide for writing and editing, hosting, topics that will be covered by Knol, who will be responsible for the content of each Knol page, community tools, adding Google Ads to a Knol, and search engine availability.
Sample Knol
Sample Knol. The sample shows what a typical Knol entry will look like, the elements it will contain such as a table of contents, author and author’s affiliation, links to more information on the subject presented in the knoll, references, a text box for a question, comment or rating, a photo of the author, an area where Google ads would appear (if the author selects this option), a listing of related knolls, additional Knols written by the author, and peer reviews.

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Update :: October 19, 2018