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Vlogs (Video Blogs)
Rocketboom Wiki
Rocketboom is a popular daily video blog (vlog) produced by Andrew Baron and hosted by Amanda Congdon. The three-minute vlogs cover news, Internet culture, technology, arts and more with a humorous slant.
Vloggercon 2006 Conference
Vloggercon 2006 Conference
San Francisco, CA
June 10-11, 2006
Session include political vlogging and social change, the art of storytelling,, Rocketboom, iMovie/FCP tricks, community vlogs, educational vlogs, recording live music, Flash in videoblogs, videoblogging as a bridge, Node 101 and the digital divide, IP commons, character building, Outh!nk, journalism in vlogging, interactive videoblogs, brainstorming the future, oral history/digital storytelling,, mashups and remixing for vloggers, Yahoo!, Revver, and more.
"How to Compress for the Web from Windows..."
"Freevlog Tutorial: How to Compress for the Web from Windows Movie Maker."
"How to Compress from Final Cut Pro..."
"Freevlog Tutorial: How to Compress from Final Cut Pro using Compressor."
"How to Compress from iMovie with QuickTime 7"
"Freevlog Tutorial: How to Compress from iMovie with QuickTime 7."
Vlogosphere News
Vlogosphere news site includes best posts, interviews, product reviews, vlog news, vlog events, vlog reviews, a vlog of the week and more.
Vlogdir Directory
Vlogdir video blog (vlog) directory.
"How to Cross Post in"
Tutorial: "How to Cross Post in" shows you how to cross post your videos in your blog pages, in the Internet Archive, and more.
"Freevlog 2.5"
Tutorial: "Freevlog 2.5: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Own Video Blog for Free," shows users how to turn a video into a vlog. Learn how to use iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Movie Maker. Also learn how to compress your video, set up a Free Blogger Blog, make a screen capture, sign up for Internet Archive & OurMedia accounts, publish your video, post your video and images on your blog, get an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures, and more.
Set Up a Vlog
Set up your own video blog (vlog) for free.
Vlogging Yahoo! Group
Vlogging group on Yahoo! Groups.
VlogMap uses Google Maps to show you where each video blogger is located. Search for vloggers in your area or for specific blog posts written about a particular location.
Andrew Barron Interview
Interview with Andrew Barron, producer of Rocketboom. Discusses how Rocketboom was started, how each segment is created, the equipment they use and more.
"Rocketboom's Powerful Lift-Off"
Article: "Rocketboom's Powerful Lift-Off: The News Spoof is a Model for Video Blogs—and May Transform the Way TV is Viewed," by Business Week.
Rocketboom Vlog
Check out the daily Rocketboom vlog or some of the archived episodes. Rocketboom is one of the most popular video blogs.
"Media Rich Versus Rich Media"
Blog entry: "Media Rich Versus Rich Media (or Why Video in a Blog is Not the Same as a Video Blog)," by Adrian Miles of RMIT University in Australia.
Vlogs Wiki
Wikipedia entry for vlogs (video blogs). Topics include a history of vlogs, common genres and aggregators.

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