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Internet Video Resource Center


Internet Video Tutorials
"Video Codecs Tutorial: Trade-offs with H.264..."
Tutorial: "Video Codecs Tutorial: Trade-offs with H.264, VC-1 and other advanced codecs," by Jeremiah Golston and Dr. Ajit Rao of Texas Instruments. Discusses the video compression challenge, compression trade-offs, standards bodies, video coding principles, legacy coding standards (H.261, MPEG-1, MPEG-2/H.262, H.263, and MPEG-4), tools vs. compression gains, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, fidelity range extension, Windows Media Video 9/VC-1, AVS, comparison of codecs based on features and tools, market trends and applications, and real-time implementations.
"Converting and Editing MPEG Video Movies..."
Tutorial: "Converting and editing MPEG video movies on Mac OS X with QuickTime and other tools," by Bob Hudson of Bob Hudson Communications. This tutorial is presented in video format.
Bill Ames Free Tutorials
Tutorials: At this site you can locate a series of free tutorials developed by Bill Ames covering topics such as basic camera (including framing a shot, zooming, using a tripod, pans, tilts, and focus), DV camcorders (including tips on how to use, and types available), tripods and camera supports, audio, lighting, studio productions, field video, sport video, titles, scripting, sports journalism, basic editing, access links, and an introduction to the Internet.
"Internet Video Conference Using..."
Tutorial: "Internet Video Conference Using Yahoo Messenger" topics include using a video camera, using a Web camera, video switching devices, camera buying tips, video output features, cassette loading, and audio selection.
"Embedding Video"
Tutorial: "Embedding Video" is a guide to embedding video on your Web site.
"Intermediate Frontpage Express Tutorials"
Tutorial: "Intermediate Frontpage Express Tutorials," cover tables, tricks with links, adding sound, adding video, adding marquees, an introduction to HTML, and maintaining and updating your site.
Compression Guide
Video Tutorial: Compression Guide provides compression instructions for iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Windows Movie Maker.
Editing Guide
Video Tutorial: Editing Guide discusses editing basics and editing for impact.
Shooting Guide
Video Tutorial: Shooting Guide discusses using light, framing shots, camera angles, camera moves, getting great sound and more. Includes top 10 tips for shooting your videos.
Gear Guide
Video Tutorial: Gear Guide discusses the equipment you need to record your videos (cameras, tripods, microphones, and lights).
Storytelling Guide
Video Tutorial: Storytelling Guide discusses what works best and why, and storytelling approaches for beginners. Includes interviews with top storytellers.

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