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Internet Video Resource Center


Internet Video Tools and Downloads
VideoTAG is a free tool that enables you to annotate and tag videos.
MPEG-2 Video Analysis Tools
MPEG-2 Video Analysis Tools. This free set of tools allows you to encode, decode, verify ands analyze MPEG-2 videos.
Open Mash
Open Mash is a free, open source, cross platform toolkit that allows users to collaborate over the Internet using multimedia (streaming audio and video) communications.
VideoDB is a free, open-source, cross-platform application that helps you to manage your video collection.
Open VOD
Open VOD (video on demand) is free, open source software (platform independent) that lets you establish a VOD network across multiple platforms using an Internet connection.
XboxMediaCenter is a free multimedia player for the Microsoft Xbox that enables you to playback video, audio, and pictures from the Xbox hard drive or DVD-ROM, a local network, or the Internet.
MPEG Joiner
MPEG Joiner from BRIZ Software. This for-sale Windows tool allows you to join multiple MPEG files containing the same parameters (i.e., frame size or frame rate) without recompression.
Springboard from Six Mile Creek Systems is a for-sale Windows application for sketching and annotating a story board for dynamic media.
Video Edit Magic
Video Edit Magic from DeskShare. This for-sale Windows editing application enables you to capture video images and produce a movie. You can also add one or more of the 150 built-in transitions, background music, fade ins and fade outs, and titles. You can combine various file formats including , WMV, ASF, MPEG and JPEG.
X Audio Video Joiner
X Audio Video Joiner from AOK Digital. This for-sale software enables you to join multiple video clips into a single long movie and join many MP3 files into a long music file.
Antechinus Animator
Antechinus Animator from C Point. This is for-sale software that allows you to make AVI (Audio Video Interleave) videos, import and sort images, extract images from AVIs, merge AVIs and WAVs, convert AVIs to MPEGs, and perform morphing.
Video Capturix Suite
Video Capturix Suite from Capturix Software Technologies. This for-sale software allows you to freeze images, save images in BMP or JPEG formats, copy the image to a clipboard, and create a movie from timed snapshots. Features include "Full Screen" that turns your monitor into a video screen, "Autostart" for selecting a date and time for video capture, an integrated movie viewer, printing directly from a video source, ability to insert copyright information, and the insertion of date, time and title into a image.
FireAnt Viewer
FireAnt viewer allows you to watch Internet videos regardless of the format (QuickTime, Flash, Windows Media Player, etc.). You can also use it to watch videos on wireless devices including Apple iPod and Sony PSP.
Avid Free DV
Download the Avid Free DV (versions available for Mac and Windows) digital video and audio editing software.
QuickTime 7.1
Download the free QuickTime 7.1 player.
Final Cut Pro
Learn more about Apple's Final Cut Pro video editing software (a for-sale product).
Apple iLife '06
Get the Apple iLife '06 software (for-sale product) which includes iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb. iMovie enables you to create your own movies, share them in video podcasts and save them on your iPod.
For-sale software for adding video to your blogs. Check out the free trial offers.
Download KatchTV
Download KatchTV—a free Internet TV application for the KDE desktop (for Linux and Unix platforms). Subscribe to Internet TV channels, download videos, and watch them on your computer.

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Update :: October 16, 2018