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Internet Video Resource Center


Internet Video Sample Book Chapters
"Video Transport Protocols"
Sample book chapter: "Video Transport Protocols" from Mastering Internet Video: A Guide to Streaming On-Demand Video, August 2004, by Damien Stolarz, CTO of Discusses how video travels across the Internet, radio, television, and telephone; Internet basics, the Internet backbone, public exchange points, peering, private peering, Internet complexity, packet loss, different routes, delay (latency), bandwidth variation, scalable media transmission, multicast, content delivery networks, distributed or peer-to-peer (P2P) networking, a brief primer on Internet protocols (and relevant acronyms, physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, transmission control protocol (TCP), user datagram protocol (UDP), application layer, streaming protocols, real-time transport protocol (RTP), Microsoft Media Server protocol (MMS), shoutcast/increase protocol (ICY), and streaming through firewalls.
"Media Transport Using RTP"
Sample book chapter: "Media Transport Using RTP" from RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet, June 2003, by Colin Perkins. Discusses fundamental design philosophies of RTP, application-level framing, the end-to-end principle, achieving flexibility, standard elements of RTP, the RTP specification, RTP profiles, RTP payload formats, optional elements, related standards, call set up and control, session description, quality of service, and future standards development.
Sample book chapter: "Introduction" from Scalable Video on Demand: Adaptive Internet-based Distribution, October 2005, by Michael Zink.

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