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Community Generated Content Resource Center

Welcome to the Community Generated Content Resource Center. With Time Magazine selecting "You" as its Person of the Year, and focusing on Web 2.0 technologies for community-generated content and individual empowerment, our choice for this resource center was obvious. Web 2.0 is empowering individuals to create content and distribute it worldwide instantaneously. The media, the arts, education, business, government and our personal lives are all changing in profound and exciting ways. In the Community Generated Content Resource Center you'll find links to:

  • The article, "Person of the Year: You," by Lev Grossman, which discusses the choice of Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2006. It credits Internet users for their impact on global media via blogs, Internet video, and social networking sites, and Web 2.0's innovations that made this possible.
  • The article: "Power to the People," by Lev Grossman for Time Magazine, which profiles 15 people's use of the Internet—many of whom used community content sites to make their impact.
    The "Managing Content Newsletter," which is dedicated to content and collaboration products and strategies.
  • The article: "Techies Hot on Concept of 'Wisdom of Crowds,' but it Has Some Pitfalls," by Kevin Maney.
  • The blog entry, "The Case of GNOME," by Andy Oram of O'Reilly Media, that discusses using communities to generate and improve online documentation.
  • The article, "Monetizing Citizen Media," by Michael Snyder.
  • Social content sites including, Digg, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, Blinklist, Xanga, Yahoo! 360°, LiveJournal, The TWOCrowds and The Hollywood Stock Exchange.
  • Photo sharing sites including Flickr, Photosite, Fotki, Webshots PixVillage and Picasa.
  • Video sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo, GoFish, Sharkle, ClipShack, JumpCut, iFilm and C-SPAN.
  • Social networking sites including MySpace,, Facebook, MyYearbook, Bebo, Friendster, TagWorld, 43 Things, Sconex, Orkut and IMBEE.
  • Conferences, books, sample chapters, free software, jobs and more.

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