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Resource Center

Avatars Resource Center
Avatars History
Avatars on the World Wide Web
Article" "Avatars on the World Wide Web: Marketing the 'Descent,'" by Victoria Vesna. Discusses the National Science Foundation (NSF), Internet2, defining an avatar, definitions of avatars, the descent of the avatar, hierarchies of multi-user environments, descent of the graphical avatar, and earth to avatar.
The History of Avatars
Article: "The History of Avatars," by Sean P. Egen. Discusses defining moments in the history of the avatar (digital aliases), where the word "avatar" comes from, avatars in cyberpunk literature, avatars in movies, games and on television, avatars on the Internet, avatars for instant messaging, chatting and more, avatars as marketing spokespersons and hosts, gaming, and avatars in training and education.

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Update :: October 21, 2018