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Avatars Resource Center
Avatars Tutorials
How to Make Custom Avatars with PHP
Tutorial: "How to Make Custom Avatars with PHP," by Brian Griffin. Discusses creating images, visualizing how the avatar will work in PHP, setting the variables, creating a "set" methods, building the background, building the composition, the output function, and using the new avatar class.
Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds
Tutorial: “Avatars! Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet,” by Bruce Damer. Discusses a tour of worlds, a crash course in Avatar cyberspace, what a virtual world is and where this medium came from, an early virtual world, a close-up look at the interfaces, communication, other interface innovations, and the underlying technologies.
Second Life Tutorials
Second Life Tutorials by Nicola Escher. Topics include: an "Introduction to Creating Clothing in Second Life" (overviews terms and templates), "Creating Your First Shirt" (using the clothing templates), "Alpha Channel Primer: Transparency in Second Life" (explains the complexities of the alpha channel), "Creating a Tattoo in Second Life," Creating a Mannequin," and a two-part advanced tutorial "Creating a Complete Avatar" (overviews the development process including body, skin, hair, clothing and accessories).

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Update :: October 16, 2018