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Avatars Resource Center
Avatars Resources
Components of Isometric Avatars
Article: "Components of Isometric Avatars," by Herbert Glarner. Discusses an avatar's components (the task, outline of the avatar, anticipating motion, depth layers, cloths and hair, and a component list), designing the avatar (the first orientation, mirror images and the rear side), creating reusable parts (decomposing the parts and storing the parts), and designing garments (practical advice, the garment and diversity).
Explanatory Lifelike Avatars: Performing User-Cent
White paper: "Explanatory Lifelike Avatars: Performing User-Centered Tasks in 3D learning Environments," by James C. Lester, Luje S. Zettlemoyer, Joel P. Gregoire and William H. Bares. Discusses lifelike pedagogical agents and explanatory avatars, explanatory lifelike avatars for 3D environments, task specification and construction, explanatory task interpretation, an complemented lifelike avatar, evaluation, experimental design, agentless 3D worlds, disembodied narrator, mute lifelike avatar, explanatory lifelike avatar, and conclusions and future work.
Outrageous Recruiting Using Avatars and YouTube
Article: "Outrageous Recruiting Using Avatars and YouTube," by Dr. John Sullivan. Discusses recruiting with avatars and using videos on YouTube, recruiting "new Media" including video games, YouTube videos, online contests, MySpace, TV shows, and virtual reality websites, grabbing attention on Second Life, using video for recruiting, online contests, blogs, podcasts, billboards, and innovations in the groups that recruiting targets (e.g., retirees, military, customers, college referrals).
Virtual Organizations and Virtual
Paper: "Virtual Organizations and Virtual," by Bruce Damer, Stuart Gold, Jan de Bruin and Dirk-Jan de Bruin. Discusses the links between social movements, virtual organizations, worlds, and organizations, a history of virtual worlds, the convergence of technologies and the crossover between social contexts, inside inhabited virtual worlds, technology platforms and operation, visiting the avatar virtual world, and the future of the medium.
Avatar Technology
Article: "Avatar Technology," by Moya K. Mason. Discusses the definitions of avatars, what some of the prototypes are, what avatar technology can do for us, how other governments are using the technology, why governments are taking advantage of avatar technology, the technological reality, and considerations and clarifications.
Avatar Technology: Giving a Face to the e-Learning
Article: "Avatar Technology: Giving a Face to the e-Learning Interface," by Raj Sheth. Discusses what an avatar is, help avatars, bits and agents, how an avatar works, how avatars are being used in primary and secondary education in Scotland, the development of the avatar, and avatars responding to e-learning barriers.
27 of the Best Avatar Makers
Article: “Avatars Everywhere: 27 of the Best Avatar Makers,” by Jordan Chark. Overviews the avatar tools market and discusses Weblin, Second Life, Mypictr, Gizmoz, Mii Editor, Simpsons Avatar Maker, Gickr, Gravatar, IMVU, fix8, Zwinky, Digibody’s Caricature Maker, Faketown (a pixel-art avatar), DroppelMe, SitePal (a fee-based 3D avatar), Gaia, imbee, Myrl, Kaneva, Blogscoped, MojiKan, Frenzoo, Clickbeurs, Mr. Picassohead, Whyrobbierocks, Weeworld, and Voki. Links are provided to additional resource articles.

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