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Avatars Resource Center
Avatars Help
Weblin Help
Weblin Help. Topics include video tutorials, Firefox add-on, email registration, your profile, your name, settings, your Weblin figure (avatar), chatting with speech bubble or chat window, online status, texts, actions/emotions, butler, lounges, translate, send web page, social bookmarks, inviting friends, microsite, inventory, trade, Kala (Weblin currency), Weblin points, three characters, TopCloud (where to locate other people), interaction with others, private chat, profile/community, send a gift, report abuse, contactlist (add to contactlist, remember a Weblin, and contacts), how to create animated avatar, avatar creation kit, ignore undesirables, tray icon, disable change rooms, end Weblin, and end and deactivate Weblin.
Yahoo! Avatars Help
Yahoo! Avatars Help. Topics include where you can use Yahoo avatars, how to use avatars on a Mac computer, customizing an avatar, editing an avatar, how to save an avatar, how to show an avatar to Yahoo Messenger, registration help, marketing preferences help, account security, privacy, and making Yahoo your home page.

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Update :: October 19, 2018