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Job Alert Services Job Alerts
Looking for a job? You can post your resume, apply for a job online and receive notices of new job listings of interest to you via email from Job Alerts
Receive job alerts from in a weekly email.
YorZ Job Alerts
YorZ is a job notification service set up in specialized groups; company groups include accounting, Internet and Web, software, software game and strategy consulting; computer related groups include Apache, Ajax, Java, JBoss, Lucene, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails; there are groups for alumni from colleges, universities and business schools. Professional groups include accountants, brand and product managers, business development, financial analysts, lawyers, Linux professionals, marketers, marketing, network engineers, product managers, recruiters, sales professionals, software engineers, strategy consultants, systems administrators, venture capitalists, VoIP engineers, UI/Web developers and Web 2.0 startups. YorZ's premise is that most quality jobs are found through referrals from friends and associates. Members of each specialized group keep other members informed of the latest job offerings in their field, and employers gain access to possible employees who may not be looking for a new job. An employer can also list a bounty (price for a referral) on a particular job and any member who refers someone for the job can earn the bounty if the person accepts the position. Bounties are subject to certain criteria set by the company who is offering it, such as the minimum length of time the hired person must be working for the company before the bounty will be paid. You can join a group for free and request a free weekly email of all jobs that have been posted (including those that offer a bounty).
AOL Job Alerts
AOL will send you job alerts based on criteria you specify such as keywords, job category (up to 3 choices), city and state and within a certain range of your home, salary range, your education (degree), when the jobs were posted (last 30 days, last 3 to 7 days, or yesterday) and whether the job is full-time, part-time, an internship or a contractor position. You select how often you wish to receive these job email alerts (daily, weekly or immediately).
New York Times Job Alerts
You can sign up for job alerts from The New York Times after opening a free account.
Jobster Job Alerts
Sign up for job alert emails that will notify you of any new jobs in your field. You specify keywords (i.e., engineer, computer programmer), the location (city, state), radius (how many miles from the city), how often you want to be notified (daily or as a job is posted) and on what days to send the alerts.
Yahoo HotJobs Alerts
Yahoo HotJobs alerts sends you job listings that match your requirements as soon as they are posted. You select keywords that describe your desired job, a category (from a pull-down menu of options), and the city and state you prefer. An option to include additional cities close by is available.
MyCareer Job Alerts
Obtain free email job alerts from MyCareer for jobs in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Ireland, Middle East, Canada, South America, the USA and the UK. Select keywords that describe your field; select a category (accounting, law, etc.); indicate minimum and maximum salaries; select full- or part-time, contractor or temporary; if you are interested in a job in government (local, state or federal); how often the alerts (daily or weekly) should be emailed and in what format (text or HTML).
C/C++ Programming Job Alerts
Job site that includes an extensive listing of C/C++ jobs. Post your resume, and receive alerts when new jobs are posted.

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Update :: October 21, 2018