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Alert Services Resource Center

Health Care Industry Alert Services
HomeMed Systems
HomeMed Systems provides emergency medical aid. A transmitter sends an
Lifeline provides medical alerts to the elderly and hospitals. The monitoring device is activated at the touch of a button when a person needs medical attention. The service is ideal for people who live alone, giving their families peace of mind. Caregivers can sign up for a free newsletter with helpful information on caring for the elderly.
ICE (In Case of Emergency) Medical Alerts
ICE (In Case of Emergency) is a medical alert service that contacts up to four people if you experience an emergency. They maintain a secure database with all your crucial medical information (doctors, medications, allergies, etc.). Subscribers receive emergency cards, stickers and wristbands with telephone numbers to call should they require medical attention. The service is available in the UK and the United States. ICE also offers a service for organizations that have employees who travel. An option to have your ICE contact phone numbers in your cell phone is available.
UCSF's Medical Publications Alerts
The University of California San Francisco's PubMed@UCSF sends email alerts about recent citations and publications in the medical field.
Health Services Research Library (HSRL)
Subscribe to an assortment of alerts in the various fields of medicine and health services from the Health Services Research Library (HSRL).
American Medical Association
The American Medical Association sends email alerts to notify you of new articles to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). They also send email alerts with recent TOCs (table of contents) for new books, and inform you when a new issue of JAMA will be available.
Medical Alert Guide
Medical Alert Guide for anyone who is considering a medical alert system. The guide describes the types of products and their uses.
Medical Alert FAQs
Medical Alert FAQs on how alert systems work, equipment needed, fees and costs.
Medical Alert System Buying Tips
Medical Alert System buying tips. What you should look for when considering a medical alert system. Topics include monitoring services, battery backup, ease of use, and lock boxes (a secure device with keys to your home).

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Update :: October 21, 2018