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Alert Services Resource Center

Download Alert Services
Alert System for Networks
If your organization needs a way of informing everyone on your network of any type of alert (business or emergency related) you can download and test two alert systems —one that sends instant messages (IMs) to all the desktops on your network and one that sends pop-up messages.
American Border Patrol Alerts
Free software that alerts you when a live Web cam broadcast of potential border intruders is available for viewing (in real time).
National Weather Service Alerts
If you are interested in weather forecasting, check out this storm alert software. The software allows you access to the National Weather Service Doppler radars so that you can track storms and weather conditions throughout the United States.
Storm Tracker Alerts
This storm tracker software can send weather alerts to your computer or cell phone.
Company or Campus Alert System
Free demo for a company- or campus-wide alert message system.
Auto-Reminder Software
Free auto-reminder software that will send you a voice message to remind you of a meeting, appointment, payment due date, etc.

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Update :: October 22, 2018