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Computer Industry Alert Services
Microsoft Case Study
Microsoft Case Study: "The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Microsoft
Google's Professional Alert System
Google's professional alert system allows users to track topics of interest on the Web. Emails are sent to users informing them of new entries on their topics.
Microsoft Alerts for Developers
Microsoft Alerts for Developers: Developers who want to build Microsoft Alerts into their applications can download the Microsoft Alerts SDK, join the developers network, and get help and support.
Microsoft Alert Services for Content Providers
Microsoft Alert Services makes available a wide variety of alerts from content providers such as Expedia, Fox Sports, McAfee, and eBay in association with Microsoft. Alerts can be delivered via email, Microsoft Messenger to your desktop, and where supported, to a mobile device.
Microsoft Security Updates Newsletter
Microsoft Security updates are delivered via a free monthly newsletter. Topics covered include security tips, bulletins and updates, FAQs on security topics, information on trial versions and downloads, articles on keeping children safe online, and tips from Microsoft’s Security Community for Home Users.
Microsoft Security Notification Service
Microsoft Security Notification Service is a free newsletter that will notify you of the latest information on security tips, updates, editorials from security experts, Webcasts and chats, guides and resources, blogs, newsgroups, related Web sites, and Microsoft Hands-on Security Labs.
Microsoft Alert Services
A complete list of all of the alert services available from Microsoft, including services for content providers, security updates (virus and security bulletins), TechNet Security Virus Alerts and Technical Security Notifications.
Case Study: 6486_MSNBC_Alerts_Case_Study_final.doc
Case Study: " Captures Huge Customer Base and Elevates Brand with Alerts," from Microsoft.NET Customer Solutions. Discusses how NBC wanted to create more traffic to its Web site and achieved this by using MSN Alerts. Subscribers can receive breaking news in a major story that is developing, the day's top news stories, daily business developments, local news, entertainment news (movie openings and reviews, new music CDs and gossip), and updates on lottery results from around the country. Since implementing these alerts MSNBC has increased its customer base, site traffic and advertising revenue.
Microsoft.NET Alerts Enhance Traveling Experience
Article: "Microsoft.NET Alerts Enhance Traveling Experience For United Airlines' Customers," from Microsoft. Discusses how United Airlines uses Microsoft.NET Alerts to notify its customers of changes to their flights. Customers can receive these email alerts on their desktops or on mobile devices.
Microsoft Alerts for Business
Microsoft Alerts for Business: Business alerts can be for reminders (appointments, birthdays, events, etc.), banking and finance (stock reports, credit limits, suspicious charges to credit cards, etc.), auctions and sales (when a product goes on sale, when a customer has been out bid, and when an item has been shipped), travel and community (local traffic reports and travel updates on flights). Businesses can sign up for a free three-month trial.
Microsoft Alerts for Consumers
Microsoft Alerts for Consumers: Enables you to control how companies contact you with information. Consumers select which companies they want to have contact them, how they want to receive alerts (email or instant message) and on what type of device (desktop or mobile device). You can also designate what times of the day you prefer to receive alerts.
Windows Security Updates
Automatic security updates for Windows. Versions included are Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP, Windows XP SP1, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me).
Microsoft's Security Alerts
Microsoft's sign-up for security alert notifications. You can select from several notification options, including email to your desktop or to a mobile device.
Symantec’s DeepSight Alert Services
Symantec’s DeepSight Alert Services warn of potential security threats via email, SMS, voice, fax or secure Web site. Tracks the vulnerabilities of operating systems, applications and technologies from many vendors.
Check Point
Check Point sells computer-related software security products. Users who purchase these products can receive e-mail alerts about the latest threats; 30-day free trials are available.
F-Prot Antivirus Alert Service
The F-Prot Antivirus Alert Service notifies users of new computer viruses.

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Update :: October 16, 2018