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Alert Services Resource Center

CDS MARC Alert Service
CDS MARC Alert Service allows users to sign up for alerts on subjects of interest to them. Whenever a bibliographic entry is made in the Library of Congress on a subject a user has selected, it is entered into the user's account. Users log into their accounts to download the entries.
Alert Services
Article: "Alert Services," from Queensland University of Technology, explains the different types of alerts, such as a TOC (table of contents) alert, a search alert (usually based on a prior search) and a citation alert (when a particular publication has been cited). Includes a chart that lists major databases and publishers and their alert services. Publishers include the ACM Digital Library, ACS Journals, American Mathematical Society, Cambridge Journals, HighWire Press, IEEE Xplore, Informit, Metapress, Oxford Journals, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Web of Knowledge and Wiley Interscience.
University of Washington's Alert System
University of Washington's alert system that notifies subscribers when a new publication on a topic of interest has been added to one of the university's libraries. The system also notifies of recent citations, and provides tables of contents for new publications.
Cell Phone and e-Mail Alerts
This UK company supplies alerts via cell phones and email. You can receive alerts about school closings, job openings in your field of interest, weekly events (entertainment) and closures (companies, schools and businesses) due to bad weather.
The American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society notifies you of the latest publications in chemistry.
The American Mathematical Society
The American Mathematical Society alerts you to recent publications in their electronic journals.

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Update :: October 21, 2018