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Windows Vista Resource Center
Welcome to the Windows Vista Resource Center! With Microsoft Windows on more than 90% of the world's desktop computers, it's big news when a new version is released. Windows Vista offers many exciting new features. Start your search here for Vista articles, blogs, newsgroups, white papers, downloads, tutorials, RSS feeds, audios, videos, interviews and more.
We've found some great Vista sites for you. Of course,, has tons of great stuff. You'll want to visit Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows for a list of Windows Vista capabilities. Hear what Vista will sound like. View high-definition cable TV on your computer. Check out the Vista capabilities in security, data protection, encryption, trusted platform services, Web services, the managed programming model, the new Windows firewall, Windows Server and Windows Defender. Check out the new gadgets for Internet radio, viewing photos, getting news and weather and controlling a media player. Edit your movies and add special effects. Filter junk mail and phishing expeditions. Protect your computer from malware. Save energy with sleep mode, while still being able to access important data. Fix problems with Vista Remote Assistance. Restore files from shadow copies. Check the status of your network. Collaborate with others worldwide. Learn about Vista's speech recognition capabilities. Use the calendar feature to plan your days, create tasking lists and get reminders. Exert parental control over the games your children play. Download free games and Vista's icons. And lots more.

In the Windows Vista Resource Center, you'll find links to:
  • A video of Bill Gates' official announcement about the release of Windows Vista.
  • A video introduction to Windows Vista that shows you how you can use Vista to engage your customers through your interactive, media-enabled web site; benefit from Vista's design, collaboration and communication features; and more.
  • The article, "100 Reasons You'll Be Speechless," that discusses why you'll be wowed by Windows Vista.
  • The Windows Vista site that includes screenshots, demos, comparisons between Vista and previous editions of Windows, details about the new features and more.
  • A spreadsheet comparing the features of the Windows Vista Home, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate editions.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista developer resources including information about the Vista products, planning and architecture, deploying Windows Vista, security, management and operations, and more.
  • The article, "Get Home Earlier with Windows Vista: Windows Vista offers systems engineers, deployment engineers, and support center operators a possibility of life outside of work," by Tony Northrup.
  • An estimator tool for organizations to measure the return on their Windows Vista investment.
  • The Windows Vista Speech Recognition Step-by-Step Guide that discusses Vista's built-in speech recognition capabilities that allow you to to use your voice to navigate the web, access and control programs, dictate emails and documents, and more.
  • The Windows Vista Windows Meeting Space Step-by-Step Guide that shows you how you can use Vista to collaborate with others.
  • The video demo, "Windows Security Basics."
  • The Windows Vista Sample Chapter Library on Amazon.
  • Windows Vista software and upgrades.
  • The Windows Vista team blog, Windows Vista newsgroups, RSS feeds, books and more.

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Update :: January 20, 2020