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Open Source Podcasts
So You'd Like to Contribute
“So you'd like to contribute to open source software,” by Will Cohen (Red Hat performance tools engineer). Topics presented include an historical overview of the open source movement, licensing issues, business uses, and the benefits of open source code.
Alfred Essa on Open Source, Web 2.0 and .LRN
This podcast is an interview with Alfred Essa (CIO of the Sloane School of Management at MIT and the Chairman of the Board of .LRN). Topics discussed include Open Source, Web 2.0 and .LRN (open source software that supports e-learning and digital communities).
The Dan and David Show
“The Dan and David Show”—podcast topics include suggestions to the open source community on how to be more business savvy, and what it means that Microsoft joins a technical committee for the Open Source Document. Podcasts podcasts. Topics include Desktop Linux Summit, tagging, the Vista piracy plan, MySQL, Oracle, LQ social networking support, Apache 2.2.x, PHO 5.1.x and the Linux kernel.

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Update :: January 22, 2020