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Open Source Operating Systems: FreeBSD
FreeBSD Source Code
Check out the FreeBSD Source Code.
A Project Model for the FreeBSD Project
eBook: A Project Model for the FreeBSD Project, by Niklas Saers (copyright 2002-2005). Topics include definitions, organizational structure, methodology model, chats, processes, tools and sub-projects.
The FreeBSD Handbook
The FreeBSD Handbook. Topics include an introduction to FreeBSD, installing FreeBSD, UNIX basics, installing applications (packages and ports), the X Window System, desktop applications, multimedia, configuring the FreeBSD kernel, printing, Linux binary compatibility, the FreeBSD booting process, users and basic account information, security, mandatory access control, security event auditing, storage, GEOM (modular disk transformation framework), the Vinum volume manager, localization, serialization, PPP and SLIP, email, network servers, firewalls, advanced networking and more.
FreeBSD FAQ. Topics include documentation and support, installation, hardware compatibility, troubleshooting, commercial applications, user applications, kernel configuration, networking, security, the X Window System and virtual consoles, disks, file systems, boot loaders and more. There is even a section called the "FreeBSD Funnies" where you will find answers to questions including "How many FreeBSD hackers does it take to change a light bulb?"
New to FreeBSD?
New to FreeBSD? Check out the resources for newbies. Topics include using the FreeBSD site, learning about FreeBSD, learning about UNIX, learning about the X Window System and helping other people.
FreeBSD Project
FreeBSD Project site includes documentation, downloads, news, events, security announcements, mailing lists, forums, support and more.
FreeBSD Wiki
FreeBSD is a UNIX-based free, open source operating system. Wiki includes a history of FreeBSD, Free BSD developments and changes, features of FreeBSD 6 and 7, Linux compatibility, license information, a list of derivatives and more.

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