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Open Source Office Suites
Review: NeoOffice 1.2
Article: "Review: NeoOffice 1.2," by Joe Brockmeier.
NeoOffice site includes downloads, screenshots, forums, a wiki, user tips, developer information, FAQ, bug reports and more.
NeoOffice Wiki
NeoOffice wiki. NeoOffice, based on OpenOffice, is an office suite for Mac OS X.
GNOME Office
Visit the GNOME Office site for downloads, documentation, developer support, mailing lists, documentation and more.
GNOME Office Wiki
GNOME Office Wiki. GNOME Office includes the AbiWord word processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet and the GNOME-DB data access components. Forum
Chat with other developers and users in the forum.
Articles Regarding OpenOffice
News articles regarding OpenOffice, organized by date. site includes downloads, support, projects, news, mailing lists, FAQ, developer forums and more. Wiki wiki. OpenOffice is a free, multi-lingual, open source office suite for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office. Topics in the wiki include an overview of OpenOffice, components, history, StarOffice, security, development, market share, Java controversy, start-up performance, alternatives, support and more.
KOffice 1.5, Part 1: The Major Applications
Article: "First look: KOffice 1.5, Part 1: The Major Applications," by Bruce Byfield. Discusses several KOffice applications including KWord, KSpread and KPresenter.
KOffice 1.5, Part 2: The Minor Applications
Article: "First look: KOffice 1.5, Part 2: The Minor Applications," by Bruce Byfield. Discusses KOffice's subsystems, database and reporting, graphics and charting programs.
KOffice Wiki
KOffice wiki. KOffice is an open source integrated office suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). It includes the KWord word processor, KSpread spreadsheet, KPresenter presentation program, Kivio flowchart program, Karbon14 vector drawing application, Krita graphics manipulation program, KPlator project management application and more.
KOffice site includes downloads, FAQs, news, mailing lists, security information, release notes, documentation, developer resources and more.
Office Suite Wiki
Open source office suite wiki.

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