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Open Source Resource Center


Open Source Games
Open Source Gaming
Open Source Gaming site includes games, articles, reviews and more.
C++ Library for Card Games
C++ library for creating card games.
KDE Games
KDE Games site has several games for the K Development Environment.
Armagetron Advanced
Armagetron Advanced is a 3D open source game based on Tron.
Nexuiz is an open source 3D game based on the Darkplaces Quake engine.
No Gravity
No Gravity is a 3D, open source, space-shooter game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Amiga OS4 and BeOS.
Frozen Bubble
Frozen Bubble is an open source game built in Perl.
XPilot is a 2D open source game based on Asteroids.
Freedoom is an open source game based on Doom.
Download the code for the Cube game (written in C++) and the 3D game engine.
The Linux Game Tome
The Linux Game Tome is a resource for open source Linux games. Check out the games, post your own game and chat with other open source game developers in the forums.
Secret Maryo Chronicles
Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D, open source game based on Super Mario.
Meat Fighter: The Weiner Warrior
Meat Fighter: The Weiner Warrior is an open source Java game in which different meats (yes, meats) duke it out with beefy contenders. Characters include Hot Doug, Sal Lammee, Oscar M. Wiener, and others.
Privateer Remake
Open source Privateer Remake game.
3D Asteroids
Open source, 3D Asteroids game written in Visual C++ 6.0.
Fight Win Prevail
Fight Win Prevail is an open source, multiplayer, first-person shooter game.
Invade Earth
Invade Earth (written in Java) is an open source game based on the game Risk 2210 A.D.
TripleA is a clone of the Axis and Allies game, weritten in Java. Contribute, check out the newbies guide to TripleA and more. Games Site games site. Includes games news, game development portals, 3D engines and game development kits, over 200 free games (organized by category, including board games, card games, 2D and 3D action/strategy games, educational games, etc.), console managers, console emulators and more.
Free Games and More
Free games wiki. Includes games, news, reviews, developer resources, game libraries and more.
Open Source Games on Wiki
List of dozens of open source games.

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