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Open Source FAQs
The Open Source Institute FAQ
The Open Source Institute site is a source for open source FAQs. Topics include open source definition, the GNU Library General Public License, SourceForge, Forge.Novell.Com, the Cathedral and Bazaar (writings on the open source movement), CVS, Software Freedom Day (an organization that promotes open software), and the Open Source License Law Resource Center.
Netscape FAQ
Netscape FAQs. Topics include communicator code, development of new products, enhancements to code, programming languages used for the code, platforms, and what the Mozilla (the developer of Netscape) Organization is.
Open H323 FAQ
The Open H323 is an open source project for the development of a teleconferencing protocol. General questions about the project include what the Open H323 project is, what the H323 protocol is, why the project is needed, and where to find Open H323. Subcategories include FAQs about the source code, codecs for audio and video, available applications, compatibility, standards and documentation, and how to contribute to the project.
PostgreSQL FAQ
FAQs about PostgreSQL. The FAQs are broken down by categories, including general, developer, platform, International, and running and installing.
The Apache Software Foundation FAQ
The Apache Software Foundation FAQ. Topics include what the foundation is and how it was created, who the members of the foundation are, who owns Apache code, how to join the foundation, how to contribute to projects, what Apache is about, and how to contact a specific project or person.
Perforce SCM Systems FAQ
Perforce Software Configuration Management (SCM) Systems frequently asked questions and questions about the End User License Agreement for Open Source Software development.
Mozilla FAQ
The Mozilla Organization's frequently asked questions and their answers. Topics include Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code, what source code will be available, available support for Netscape developers, and will the source code be cross platform.

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Update :: January 22, 2020