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Open Source Blogs
Open Source Applications Foundation
Open Source Applications Foundation blog discusses applications from the OSAF—a non-profit organization specializing in interpersonal information management software.
Java, Open Source and More
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, blogs about Java, open source and more.
Enterprise Open Source Community
Blog geared to the enterprise open source community.
Supporting Open Source
Blog entry: "Supporting Open Source," by Chris DiBona, Open Source Program Manager at Google (posted on the official Google blog).
Mark R. Hinkle Blogs About Linux
Mark R. Hinkle, editor-in-chief of LinuxWorld magazine, blogs about Linux and open source.
Blog includes news, reviews and trends in Linux and open source.
Sitepoint Web Development and Design
Sitepoint provides Web development and design content. Their open source blog discusses the latest news in the open source software community.
Scott Granneman Blogs About Open Source
Scott Granneman, Senior Consultant in Internet Services for Bryan Consulting and contributor to Linux Magazine, blogs about open source.
The ZDNet open source blog includes the latest news in the open source community.

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Update :: January 22, 2020