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Business Case for Open Source
Pentaho offers several open source business intelligence products for reporting, data mining, workflow, analysis and more. Find downloads, FAQs developer resources and more.
Eclipse Foundation's BIRT
Eclipse Foundation's BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) is an open source, Java-based reporting tool that allows you to add lists, charts, crosstabs, compound reports and more to your applications. Reports include data, data transforms, business logic and presentation. This site includes downloads, examples, articles, a tutorial, sample database, examples, forums and more.
Open Source Business Intelligence
Article: "Open Source Business Intelligence: Low-cost Alternatives to Costly Reporting Tools Will Arrive Soon," by Neil McAllister. Discusses several open source, business-intelligence software products including the Eclipse Foundation's BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) and others.
Considering Using OS Software for Your Business?
Considering using free, open source enterprise software for your business? This series of articles compares many open source applications available in a variety of enterprise software categories, including business intelligence, business process management, content management, CRM (customer relationship management), identity, ERP, directories, portals, POS (point of sale), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), VoIP and more.
A Buyer's Guide to Open Source
Article: "A Buyer's Guide to Open Source: Open Source Provides Low-cost, Community-supported Alternatives to Commercial Enterprise Apps," by Neil McAllister. Discusses the issue of build vs. buy and why using open source solutions might be the answer.
What Businesses Can Learn from Open Source
Article: "What businesses Can Learn from Open Source," by Paul Graham. Looks at companies and people switching to open source software.

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