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Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Resource Center

Welcome to the next generation of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer—IE7. IE7 features a new, clutter-free user interface; tabbed browsing that allows you to perform multiple searches in one browser window; improved printing features that automatically resize the Web page to print without cutting off text; integrated RSS functionality that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds through IE7; a new toolbar search box; and improved security. In our Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Resource Center you'll find

  • Links to the latest IE7 Beta 2 download, plus IE add-ons including security features, tools, multimedia features and more.
  • "The Keyboard Lover's Guide to IE7" which shows you the new keyboard shortcuts in IE7.
  • A link to download the Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit that helps you prepare for IE7 as you develop, test, deploy and support applications.
  • Blogs and articles that discuss CSS compatibility issues and CSS hacks in IE7.
  • Links to download IE7 standalone tools that allow you to run both IE6 and IE7 on the same machine for testing your Web applications in both browsers.
  • Webcasts from the Microsoft Mix06 Conference including "Making Your Site Look Great in IE7," "Making Your Site Work with IE7 Security," "The Future of IE," and "Using the RSS Platform on Windows: Syndication Goes Mainstream.”
  • Articles, blog entries and tutorials that introduce you to the new RSS Platform in IE7.
  • Webcast of Bill Gates’ keynote address from Mix06 in which he discusses IE7 and the importance of RSS in Microsoft products.
  • A link to send your RSS Platform questions directly to the RSS team at Microsoft.
  • Blogs from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Team and the Microsoft RSS Team.
  • Articles and blogs with the latest chatter about IE7.
  • IE7 Forums and newsgroups—chat with other IE7 users and developers in the community.
  • IE7 Podcasts
  • IE7 FAQs

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Update :: January 22, 2020