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Hands on with Firefox 3 - Network World
Article: "Hands on with Firefox 3," by Rob Griffiths. Discusses what's changed, including improved font and graphics rendering, the assortment of add-ons and fast loading, what's new, including Smart Bookmarks folder (including most visited, recently bookmarked and recent tags) the new bookmarks interface, password manager, add-ons are easier to install, the new interface for managing add-ons and final impressions.
Firefox 3 Features
Firefox 3 Features. A listing of the top new features, and their capabilities, of Firefox 3 including one-click bookmarking, instant web site ID, improved performance, full zoom, password manager, smart location bar and platform-native look and feel. Additional features are broken down by categories such as Personal (includes library, tags, smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and smart bookmark folders), Security and Privacy (includes instant web site ID, anti-malware, parental controls, clear private data, anti-virus software, customized security settings, add-ons, automated update, anti-phishing, password manager and popup blocker), Customization (includes add-ons manager, ways to customize, browser look and feel and beyond add-ons), Productivity (includes platform-native look and feel, feed reader, download manager, spell checking, session restore, full zoom and image loading), Search (includes smart keywords, search suggestions, integrated web search, hundreds of search engines and find), Tabs (include tabs, reopen closed tabs, drag and reorder tags, smooth scrolling and save on exit), Universal Access (includes universal customization, the language of Firefox, emphasis on accessibility and improved text rendering), Performance (includes improved memory management, smaller memory footprint, faster JavaScript, faster page load and graphics engine improvements), Standards (includes online application support, color profile support, advanced graphics, support for advanced web technologies and offline browsing) and Help (includes live support and Firefox support).
A Field Guide to Firefox 3
A Field Guide to Firefox 3: What's New and Improved, by Debra Lyn Richardson. Discusses the new features including the add-on manager, bookmarks, cascading style sheets, color profile support, the download manager, font and text rendering, full page zoom, history, HTML canvas, location bar UTF-8 support, malware protection, microformats API, offline web application support, password manager, performance improvements, phishing protection, plugins, site identification button, smart location bar, tabs, themes, video and audio feeds, Vista parental controls support and web application protocol handlers.

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