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Firefox 3 Resource Center
Firefox Toolbar Tutorial
Tutorial: "Firefox Toolbar Tutorial," by Johan Bishop. Discusses how to create a toolbar extension for Firefox, how extensions are developed, tools required to create an extension, how toolbars are created, tools needed for the tutorial, file structure layout, creating the framework, structuring the toolbar, dynamic development, skinning the toolbar, scripting the toolbar, packaging the toolbar and testing the extensions.
Firefox Bookmarks Tutorial
Tutorial: "Firefox Bookmarks Tutorial," by Gunnar Jurdzik. Discusses bookmarking a page, the Firefox bookmarks toolbar, the Firefox Bookmark Manager, moving and editing bookmarks, sorting bookmarks, live bookmarks, adding live bookmarks, manually creating a new live bookmark, importing and exporting bookmarks, and Firefox bookmark extensions.
Using Firefox
Tutorial: “Using Firefox,” from Mozilla. Discusses navigating web pages, viewing a home page, navigating to another page, clicking a link, retracing your steps, stopping and reloading, tabbed browsing, using the sidebar, searching the web, selecting searching engines, managing search engines, searching the web for words selected in a web page, searching within a page, copying, saving and printing pages; copying part of a page, saving all or part of a page, using Print Preview, using Page Setup, managing different file types, managing Firefox default browser and changing cache settings.

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