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Resource Center

Firefox 3 Resource Center
Extend Firefox 3
Developer Contest: "Extend Firefox 3." This contest is to encourage the development of add-ons to Firefox 3. Prize categories include best new add-on (for add-ons that make the best use of the new features of Firefox 3), best updated add-on (for an existing add-on that has been updated with significant improvements), and best music add-on (for the best music related add-on). The site lists the details of the contest, important dates, judging, how to enter, ideas, developer resources, official rules, the judges and a FAQ.
Firefox 3 Tips and Tricks
Firefox 3 Tips and Tricks site. Shortcuts and suggestions including zooming in and out, play tag, going directly to favorite sites, tab tricks, adding bookmarks, shortcuts, add-ons, creating smart folders, managing downloads, developer tools and setting up your web.
Firefox 3 Themes
Firefox 3 Themes. Current theme categories include compact, miscellaneous, nature, retro, animals, large, modern, OS integration and sports. A brief description of each theme is given as well as the theme’s weekly downloads and links to reviews from users.
MozillaZine Knowledge Base
MozillaZine Knowledge Base site. The site provides documentation for Mozilla products and applications including Firefox (browser), SeaMonkey (suite of applications), Thunderbird (e-mail and newsgroup client), Camino (Mac OS X browser), Sunbird (calendar application), Bugzilla (bug-tracking system), Nvu (web authoring tool), and more.
JavaScript Updates in Firefox 3.0a3
Article: “JavaScript Updates in Firefox 3.0a3,” by John Resig. Discusses support for clientLeft and clientTop, hiding cookies from scripts, marking resources as being available offline, RegExps, and creating new nodes in the DOM Inspector.
Firefox 3 List of Available Languages
Firefox 3 list of available languages. The list includes the 48 languages that Firefox is available in as well as the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Links are provided to the release notes and known issues.
Firefox 3 Release Notes
Firefox 3 (Release Candidate 3) Release Notes. Topics include what’s new in Firefox 3 (including more structure, ease of use, personal settings, improved platform for developers and improved performance), downloading and installation, system requirements, removing Firefox 3, extensions and themes, known issues (on all systems, for Microsoft Windows, for Mac OS X, and Linux and UNIX), trouble shooting, FAQs and links to additional resources.
Firefox 3 Offers Numerous Features
Article: "Firefox 3 Beta Offers Numerous Features for Developers," by Tony Patton. Discusses web development, animated PNG (APNG), canvas changes, cross-site requests, cascading style sheets (CSS), DOM, EXLST (XSLT extensions), JavaScript, microformat support, partial HTML 5 support, enhanced XUL support, the Places API, performance, platforms, and test drives.

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