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Firefox 3 Resource Center
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox definition from Wikipedia. Discusses what Firefox is, the release history. features (standards support and security), licensing, advertising, market adoption, critical reaction (performance, relationship with Google and response from Microsoft), future developments (version 3.0, version 3.1, version 4.0 and future features) and awards.
A First Look at Firefox 3.0
Article: "A First Look at Firefox 3.0," by Ryan Paul. Discusses the Gecho 1.9 rendering engine, reflow improvements, W3C standards, transition to Cairo, the Thebes (a C++ wrapper for Cairo), hardware-accelerated rendering in Firefox using Glitz, Quartz or XGL; drawing functionality, the quality of anti-aliasing, improving native SVG support, new features and keyboard configuration.

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Update :: November 20, 2019