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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center

The DotNetNuke Resource Center is your guide to the online resources for this open-source framework for web applications development. DotNetNuke, based on the Microsoft .NET framework, allows you to build robust, enterprise web applications including complex web sites and content management systems. In fact, we’ve used DotNetNuke and some of the third-party modules to develop the Deitel web site. In our DotNetNuke Resource Center you'll find:

  • A walkthrough of the DotNetNuke web site where you'll find downloads, community modules, forums, online help, a demo, project blogs, the security policy, web hosting benefits, news, community events, a bug tracker and more.
  • A video introduction to DotNetNuke.
  • The DotNetNuke Quick Start Videos.
  • The tutorial, "Creating a DotNetNuke Module—For Absolute Beginners!" by Michael Washington.
  • The article, "Create Your First DotNetNuke Skin with Dreamweaver," by Vasilis Terzopoulos.
  • Blogs from numerous DotNetNuke team members including Shaun Walker, the creator and maintainer of DotNetNuke, and Joe Brinkman, the Lead Architect and Security Specialist.
  • DotNetNuke modules including a mapping module that enables you to add Google Maps into your web pages, a DotNetNuke image gallery module, the AJAX-based Visual DotNetNuke Admin module to help manage your DotNetNuke site and more.
  • A walkthrough of the Snowcovered website where you'll find numerous for-sale DotNetNuke skins and modules developed by third-party vendors.
  • DotNetNuke help documentation.
  • The sample chapter, "The Express and DotNetNuke Combination," from the book, Beginning DotNetNuke 4.0 Web site Creation in C# 2005 with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express: from Novice to Professional, by Nick Symmonds.
  • The DotNetNuke OpenForce conferences.
  • The tutorial, “How to Build a Website Using DotNetNuke,” from DotNetNuke Creative Magazine.
  • Resources from the DotNetNuke Project, including the project road map.
  •—a free Web 2.0, Ajax-enabled DotNetNuke portal builder system.
  • DotNetNuke resources, articles, books, sample chapters, tutorials, podcasts and more.

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