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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center is your guide to the online resources for this foundation and its numerous projects including the popular Apache HTTP Server and more. In our Apache Software Foundation Resource Center you'll find:

  • A walkthrough of the resources available on the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) site, including projects, license information, community links, articles and more.
  • A glossary of terms used on the Apache Software Foundation's site.
  • Several Apache projects, including the Apache HTTP Server Project, the Apache XML Project, Apache Ant and more.
  • Numerous tutorials, including the three-part “Getting Started with Apache 2.0” tutorial by Harish Kamath.
  • Several third-party Apache modules, including the Apache Compile HOWTO that provides instructions and examples for compiling several modules, and the Apache::Motd module that allows you to add Message-of-the-Day functionality to the server.
  • Apache Web Server security resources including the "Common Sense Guide to Apache Security," from
  • A sample chapter entitled "Installation and Configuration," from Apache Security: The Complete Guide to Securing Your Apache Web Server, by Ivan Ristic, that walks you through the installation and set-up of the Apache web server on Linux.
  • The Apache Desktop Reference free e-book by Ralf Engelschall, that discusses the history and evolution of Apache, the Apache HTTP server project, the Apache Software Foundation, functionality, Apache architecture, modules, server side scripting, configuring the Apache source tree, building and installing Apache, and more.
  • Apache blogs, FAQs, newsgroups, books, news sites, training courses and more.

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Update :: January 22, 2020