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XML Programming Resource Center

Clear Methods and the Water Language
Water Developer's Site
Site for Water developers.
Water Language Group
Yahoo group for the Water language.
The Water language syntax, known as ConciseXML, is based on HTML, which has proven to be an easily understandable markup language learned by millions of users. ConciseXML is a superset of HTML or, more properly, a superset of XML. XML has become the standard syntax for structured data. ConciseXML extends the syntax of XML to facilitate its use in programming. Water provides a means to define and call functions in addition to defining and instantiating objects. As an example of Water’s versatility, methods may be added to classes during runtime. As a result, the language is more powerful yet simpler than the class-instance object systems currently in vogue in languages such as Java and C#. It is well-suited for rapid prototyping and simulation.
The Water Language
Water is a pure Web services language that embodies the three primary functions needed for XML Web services software within one unified environment. The Water language definition is an open standard managed by Water is an object-oriented Web programming language that is flexible and easy to learn. Water permits the description of persistent structured data on the Web in XML syntax. Water brings dynamic data to XML and offers the capability of computing values that contain self-referential interconnections. As a superset of HTML, Water inherits all of the markup capabilities of HTML. Water interoperates with and can replace JavaScript dynamic additions to HTML. Water incorporates other presentation libraries including SVG.

Steam XML™ provides a development environment and runtime engine that greatly simplifies the design and rapid prototyping of XML and Web services. It eliminates the need for the myriad of tools and languages including XSLT, DOM, JSP, EJB, CSS that are normally required to create Web services. Steam XML is easy to learn and significantly reduces the volume of code required for Web services. The software combines advanced object-oriented facilities with native XML data structures and HTML-like presentation.

The Steam XML Engine is a commercial implementation of the Water runtime environment. It executes programs written in the Water language and deploys on a standard Java platform as an applet, servlet or stand-alone program. Steam is compatible with Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh.

The Steam XML IDE is an interactive development environment that includes a set of tools for the Steam platform. It provides an easy means for writing, running, and debugging Water programs. The Steam IDE expression stepper offers much greater programmer guidance than the typical line-by-line steppers of other IDEs. Because it understands XML and HTML it is able to spot incorrectly-formed expressions. The Steam IDE also provides a customizable menu for inserting common patterns, a one-click test case generator, integrated documentation tools, a powerful object inspector, and an online reference manual. The resulting high productivity environment caters to the Extreme Programming style with its rapid edit, run, and debug cycles.

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Update :: November 20, 2019